Part 1 "Successful People Have Moved Beyond Failure"


Not having a major purpose OR goal for your life is like trying to navigate through uncharted waters. You may eventually get somewhere you planned, or you may drift like a ship without a sail, always wishing-but never finding-the place where you would like to be. As you grow, so will your major purpose and goals for life. It is the natural order of things that, when you reach the top of one mountain, you will look around for higher peaks to climb-you will look for other opportunities. In life, either you are moving forward and failing forward  or you are going backward. As humans it does us no real good to live in the past.  Continuous movement forward even after failure is in a positive direction.  When a  course is charted carefully and thoughtfully, you can dismiss all doubt that you are going in the wrong direction.

FAILURE IN NETWORK MARKETING IS A GIVEN!  Apparently we feel we have to beat ourselves up over and over again before we finally decide to pay attention.  Ask yourself, “Why have I failed?”  The answer we neglect to see is right before us.  We continuously and constantly make the same mistake over and over.  If what you are doing now is not working for you, why make the same mistakes again.  Do not relive your failures everyday.  The biggest mistake is that before we start an online business opportunity, we regrettably do not educate ourselves about this industry.

You need solid “Leadership” for success in this industry. Find a mentor. You must have a mentor to be a mentor. You want a mastermind group of like-minded people who want YOU to succeed. You want up-line support available when you need it.  Leadership means Sam mentoring John, John mentoring Denise, Denise mentoring Jennifer, Jennifer mentoring Cheryl, Cheryl mentoring Tom,  Tom mentoring Judith and the people that Judith will mentor is endless. THIS type of leadership creates your mastermind group. Want to make a million dollars? Mastermind with millionaires. If you want to make $30,000 a year, then mastermind with people who make $30,000 a year.

Successful network marketing organizations are not built by one person. It is through teamwork, leadership and mentoring those brought into the business as a partner, people from every walk of life & experience level coming together and working together. It takes many hands working for one common goal.  You absolutely need a great product. You won’t sustain success without one. But the MOST critical is a LOT of people working together, educating and mentoring others.

We exist to show you how you can be a success.  Your success is a wonderful thing to us, If we can help you become a success story, then our future takes care of itself.

So our first bit of leadership and mentoring is to ask you to figure out your own "WHY"… why is it important for you to have a part-time business? Write it down. Test it mentally. Will it keep you going in VERY tough times?

To Your Success
Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership with a vision

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