One of the Biggest Scams Throughout MLM History – Purchased Leads

The "Get some leads" scam. Have you bought into this swindle?

It starts much like this…you join your company. You are all excited, you have instructions from your upline sponsor to go make a list of at least  25 – 100 of your family and friends; everyone you know, and write their names on a piece of paper. Then call your upline, at which time you go pound that list together. You are going to get some great leads who will join your network marketing opportunity. You talk to all of your relatives and they say "No" – and you talk to all of your friends, they are even less interested. What is there left for you to do?

Still somewhat enthusiastic and hopeful you look for some hot leads. You become inspired and run an ad, you create new contacts on Facebook, and then you fall victim to  the buying leads scam.

And what happens next?

Those who took the time to respond to your ad were only looking for a traditional job. Your new Facebook contacts just want you to sign up into their programs. Those exclusive, surveyed, laser targeted hot leads you bought; they hung up because you were the 20th person who pitched them this week while they just sat down to eat their dinner.

I really wish I did not have to tell you this, but…You’ve been scammed!

Or, possibly your sponsor never told you the real truth about network marketing.

Stop and think about this critically (it is your future), if your friends and relatives hated what you said to them, why would perfect strangers (purchased leads) like your rambling any better!?

You don’t need new people to ruin. The gurus have already ruined enough good people who have lost so much (money) and most unfortunately, gurus and heavy hitters have ruined good people’s dreams. The gurus have destroyed good people’s belief in this industry, by promising the world and never coming through on that promise.

We all have believed these lies and then given up and turned our backs on our dreams and belief. Oh yes, the gurus and heavy hitters or the washed up marketers; turned motivational speakers, who are charging you $1000.00’s to hear them in person or purchase their cd’s and stuff did pretty good…they have your money. For every one of YOU there are still thousands in the same position, everyday losing money to these scams and scammers. You have no more skills now after freely and hastily giving them your money, then before you became a network marketer. 

You need to fix what you say to people. I think that may hurt a little.

Will you invest the time and energy to learn the skills of talking to people so that they believe the good things you say?

Or are you thinking to yourself, "Ah no, that’s too hard. I’ll just run some more ads, waste more time on Facebook, and lose more money buying more leads – and hope I get lucky."

It doesn’t matter where you get the prospect, you will still have to talk to that prospect. And unless you learn how to get your message inside your prospect’s brain, your message will be falling on deaf ears.

“You are already saying great stuff about your company, your products, and your opportunity. But, your prospect doesn’t believe you. You have to learn this skill: how to get your great information inside of your prospect’s head. Pros know this. They master the skills of talking to people.” ~ Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

To Your Success

Darlene and Dave Mills

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    it can’t be stressed enough how hopeless it is to buy leads. Thanks for offering a great solution to folks that screwed up by following the advice of their upline.

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