Network Marketing–A Business Opportunity With Rewards

In the last few years network marketing has experienced a huge increase in not only companies but those who are acquiring a thirst for this sort of opportunity.  It seems that the current economics of countries is propelling this desire.

The internet is helping to fuel this thirst as well and leading people into an entirely different level of entrepreneurship.  Think about it, the world is your marketplace, so would make sense that the internet has helped to increase the level of success of an at home business opportunity.

However, as in any traditional business there has to be an air of professionalism on the journey to success.  (Sure we can work from home in our PJ’s, I am just not so sure that I would announce this to the world.)  

  • To reach your goals of financial success, a business plan should be discussed with a professional in this area, someone with current experience in building a network marketing online business  to make sure that at least your basic knowledge of the industry is understood.
  • There is a need for cash flow as in a traditional business.  Beware of opportunities that boast of joining FREE.  If you and the other few thousand or so join for FREE (no turn over of money for the opportunity, where does the money come from to pay out your residual income?
  • There is a requirement for the appropriate  software to do your work. Super functional back offices already equipped with auto responders and ad tracking abilities.  Your advertising budget need not sky rocket into the thousands for such things as purchasing leads when, if proper skills are learned would be able to keep this budget to a bare minimum.  This system should be a duplicatable system so that you need not have to reinvent the wheel, just use the service. 
  • You need  to know where to find free training  on the internet, knowledge of technology which is required to get you up and running in very little time.  Investing time rather than money is  required in the area of personal education.  But also specific skills are a necessity. 

Network marketing is no different  than other professions which require specialised knowledge as well as personal development. Help yourself by accepting help.  You need to learn about building relationships with people to have success in this business.  Contrary to popular belief, MLM is NOT about selling. It is about building relationships, it is about the law of attraction.

The motivation for this effort is rooted in your personal goal – the reason why you stepped on this path of wanting a small business of your own! After a while most people will realise that MLM in fact need not stay in the range of a small business – with the right mentoring, which lets you develop your leadership skills and your capacity for management you will be surprised about the growth you may experience.

Hopefully the opportunity that you are involved with will also provide you and your downline a an outlet for personal development and growth.  This growth is also directly related to the coaching you hand on to the people you work with not only yourself but in the entire leadership team.  

Once you have learned the basic skills of this industry you should be able to determine if the duplication being offered  and boasted of by your company is indeed  actually working – if not – search until you find a system which does do what it says it will do for you. This is the most important details when it comes to choosing a network marketing business.

MLM is not about sales, it is not about recruiting – it is about developing people so that they will be able to do what you do (duplication).  To Your Success

To Your Ultimate Success

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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  1. As always very valid information! It is high time people realise that network marketin gis a valid business with lots of advantages others don’t have!
    Guys I’d enjoy reading your blog even more if the script wasn’t quite so small 🙂

    Frieke Karlovits.

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