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Network marketing is a RELATIONSHIP business; meaning that you will have greater success when you build relationships of know, like and trust with those who you would like to have as a recruit or a customer of your product or service.
Network marketing is moving a product and/or service and ensuring that it gets in the hands of the end consumer which is all based upon the friendships or relationships that you have been able to successfully create.  Sure you will have some customers who will purchase product from a website and there was on relationship there, but most network marketers are a success because of their ability to build relationships.
Seeing that this is the way network marketing works best, it would make sense to learn how to build those relationships.  Communicating over the internet via means such as Skype or other low cost communication it makes it so very cost effective to get your message out to the masses.  The internet has made it so the whole wide world is your market place.  Much bigger area of a consumer base. 
Using the internet network marketers can train, inform and teach skills on the internet, using tools such as Skype. Such skills as relationship building as I mentioned above.  I know you are saying how hard can it be to do that and why so much emphasis on this skill.  Well as network marketers we have in the past been told that it is a sales business.  The thing is that most of us are not sales people and do not want to be sold either.  It is a sales person like you would find at the local department store that is a salesperson.  But network marketers have to know how to speak to people without pushing them away and setting off the “salesman” approaching alarm.  You want your prospects leaning forward asking for a presentation.
It was not too many years back that a person had a Plan A…work for 40 years and then retire.  They had job security back then and really didn’t have to think about a Plan B. This is not the case any longer and a very huge reason so many are turning to network marketing as a Plan B. There just is NO guarantee that you will have a job tomorrow when you wake up making it necessary to look elsewhere to create some income and perhaps enough that they can walk away from the corporate world.
Network marketers have one huge potential to make a good income but what it does to your self is substantial.  Being involved with a mastermind group can bring self improvement. While improving your self you build on your leadership skills. Mind you you may have to do some searching to find a mastermind group that will provide a safe place to grow and explore your past and can help you with one really big issue that faces many network marketers.  How to handle the money. When one goes from just enough money to get buy to having enough to help yourself and several other organizations.  Money can change a person if you let it.  The support structures (which many companies boast about) of great network marketing companies should offer the best help an individual needs when joining this type of business. Once you join a company you will soon see just how much support there is. 

Certainly, we will see more home based businesses start  today and  in the future. It is very easy to see that companies are just not able to guarantee us job security like we were accustomed to in the past.   A home based business is the next best Plan B for anyone suffering due to current economic conditions.

The internet is a great tool to find a Plan B and then to market your business once you find one. 

To YOUR Ultimate Success,

Darlene and Dave Mills

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2 thoughts on “Network Marketing – Why Become Involved

  1. A blog follower has attempted to post a comment and has been unable to do so. I am posting the comment for him here:

    The main idea is building relationships because you need to be the person who is attracted to leaders NOT followers. And second you must have a system where you prospect answers the question “Can I do this?” and “Can you help me?”

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    Thank you Lawrence for your comments and insight into network marketing.
    ~Dave and Darlene

  2. Yes indeed – network marketers are problem solvers – may it be through a product or through helping others make an additional income they want and need.
    Very well put what the important criteria are!

    Frieke Karlovits

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