Network Marketing Tip ~~ Read Your Policies & Procedures, Please!

I’m sure you’ve signed up for something and checked the little box that says you agree before they let you click that last button to proceed many times.

imagesYou’ll be amazed at what you find in your own Policies and Procedures, the legal contract between you and your MLM company.

In MLM / Network Marketing, that box you check usually says something like this, “I have read, understand and agree to the Terms of Agreement, the Policies and Procedures, and the Compensation Plan.” 

You click the button…You have just; unknowingly, agreed to a lot of legal stuff.  If you are like most people, you didn’t even read it. You don’t even know what they are where to find them and what the legal ramifications will be to you and your business. Isn’t that interesting…

We read contracts and agreements elsewhere in our lives, so why don’t we read them before we sign up online?  If there is just one phrase or one word that you do not understand, DO NOT SIGN! This is not a hobby you are starting. This is a dedicated and contemplative business opportunity and should be treated seriously.

Consider this…If you were buying a business that cost you thousands of dollars; hundreds of thousands of dollars, would you read the contract or maybe have an attorney read it? In all seriousness you most certainly would!  But you get into your little business for very little money so it isn’t necessary. Really?

Here is a Real example:

This is a major company, name changed to [company] to protect the criminals. What a deal!

You may terminate your relationship with [company] at any time by providing a signed written notice to [company]. [Company] may also terminate the relationship with you (including any partnerships, corporations or other entity) at any time by providing written notice. You or [company] are not required to have any reason, nor do you or [company] have to claim or prove any cause to terminate this relationship. If and when the relationship is terminated, you shall have no claim against [company] nor any right to claim or collect lost profits, lost opportunities or any other damages. Termination will result in the loss of all benefits as an [company] Independent Consultant.

Imagine that every phrase in the contract you signed can and will be used against you, because that is what will happen if the company owners have little or no integrity.  You do not have to imagine that it may happen.  This is why the P & P’s are written.  To be used at the (Company’s) sole discretion.  Is your commission check getting to big for them to pay out?  Or the company overhead is to large for the company to meet it’s obligations; bingo there goes your check to pay the big dogs of the company and the expenses of the learjet to transport them around.  Don’t laugh…IT HAS HAPPENED!! This behaviour will continue to happen because the business models drive the behaviour in the field.

If you are thinking, “Oh! They wouldn’t do this to me.” Ask yourself, “Why did they put it in the P&P if they weren’t planning to use it?”  Banks draw up legal document’s, auto dealerships have you sign a contract.  Why?  To use them and enforce them if you do not keep your agreement and to protect themselves.  How many homes and cars have you seen repossessed?  LOTS!

The good news is that there is help to keep you out of this scenario.
To learn more about how to protect yourself, and to understand your Policies and Procedures; start with  Success in 10 Steps endorsed by Tom Big Al Schreiter.   It will save you years of failure and frustration. Email us with subject line “Success in 10 Steps” and request your free pdf copy of this industry resource book.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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