Network Marketing Skills–To Use Or Not To Use

There is one thing to be said for having skills and that is, with skills you have a far greater chance to have the success you are working for.  Network marketing skills – To Use Or Not To Use is a choice you have to make and imageno one can make it for you.  Motivation comes from within and you have to motivate yourself, step out of your comfort zone and put the skills you have learned to use.  Your upline can be a source of help in the beginning but again it is ultimately up to you.

When we first join a business opportunity or system the upline should be taking us under their wing, so to speak, and educate and prepare us to duplicate the success they are having.  Learning a new system can be daunting at first and if we are coachable we can learn to use the new system the way it was intended to be used and gain the best advantage.  The same can be said about joining a business opportunity.  Your upline should become your mentor and teach you the skills needed to be successful.

There are ways to generate leads, call your leads, approach people with your business opportunity and company products.  These are acquired skills with a imagelearning curve that you must master over time and not all at once, master one skill at a time and then add the others at the pace you are capable of.  As you master each skill you will find your comfort zone become larger and you will find you have your downline looking to you for help.  Learning skills and being able to pass them on to your team will ultimately cause your team to grow exponentially but if you don’t…

Michael Dlouhy in his eBook “Success in 10 Steps” talks about the failure that many network marketers have and that it is not their fault for any lack of success.  There are two general reasons for the failure and the first is the policies and procedures along with the compensation plan are stacked against you and the second reason is the lack of proper skills.  Those truly are not your fault but when you have and are being taught the proper skills but you never use them thenimage you have to bare the fault.  If you have been in many opportunities, even those that are five pillar companies and still have not had success then I suggest you look at the common denominator in each case.  That common denominator can only be one thing: “YOU”.

You can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk then you will have to bare the truth that the fault is yours alone.  If you are joining different activities, so you are not home to work on your home business or you are making excuses of why you are not calling your leads, or blogging consistently, attending important training calls, avoiding self development and promoting your products (which I must add you need to use and believe in their worth) then you have set yourself up for failure with no chance of success.

If you think that network marketing/mlm works this way you have set yourself up for failure.  If that is what you believe it should be then I recommend you either pick another vocation, keep your hard earned money, or join a system where they build your business for you.  If you choose the latter what normally happens is you end up with a downline, who imagehave that same mentality you have, where everybody is expecting the same so no one does anything but wait for someone to build the business for them.  That is a sure way to failure, frustration, empty bank accounts and maxed out credit cards.

Success begins and is insured by learning the proper skills, working on yourself (self development), stepping out of your comfort zone and putting the skills you have learned to use and talking the talk and walking the walk.  It is up to you, self inflicted failure or team oriented success.  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

If you have chosen to do something about it then contact us and we will give you our most valuable asset “time” to see how we can help you or download this free eBook “Are You Walking Past A Fortune?” and begin your journey to a fun, happy and successful life and business.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.  Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.

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  1. Great post Dave and Darlene. It is true when your truly ready for a thing it will appear. I needed to hear and share this powerful truth you brought forth in this post thank you. 🙂

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