Network Marketing Company Management – Are They People of Integrity and Dependability? Part 1


When dependability and integrity are the cornerstones of a network marketing company you know that it is a company that has character AND RESPECT FOR YOU…and most importantly, you WILL be able to make money with this business.  If you can not prove the dependability and integrity of a company beyond a shadow of a doubt you may wish to search elsewhere, run…do not join!


Dependability, like any other character trait, is a habit. Begin today-at the beginning of a new day-to develop the dependability habit.

Those who poses these character traits are people worthy of our trust. Those who are leading a network marketing company with these characteristics are easy to spot for they will do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, and according to already agreed-upon conditions (Your contract, Policies and Procedures, your agreement between you and the company).

These are the leaders, the individuals to whom others turn for guidance because they have shown that they have experience in the field (as network marketers who have built an organization (downline) in a previous company before venturing out to create a new company of which they will lead). Leaders of companies who run it with integrity show that they care about the distributors first and demonstrate that they (Management) can be trusted. Past history of an individual/company management team usually tells a tall tale. Were they honest in previous companies that they managed? Past behaviour usually follows where ever one goes.

Leaders who can be trusted will not be in the headlines of yesterdays newspapers or tomorrows.  They (Management) are not making the list of “who not to trust” or “scammers united”.  Management Teams with good character are not funnelling money offshore, cancelling your renewal fee, badgering you to show receipts of your business when they have full knowledge that your just lost your home and everything in it to a house fire.  (Oh yeah!! there are companies that are that dirty and will use this clause of your contract against you, in their sole discretion when it makes financial good sense to them…just a smoke and mirror way of “stealing” your bonus check.) 

This is a real clause from a company’s PNP’s…company name not disclosed for obvious reasons:

10.5 – Non-renewal
An Associate may also voluntarily cancel his or her Associate Agreement by failing to renew the Agreement on its anniversary date. The Company may also elect not to renew an Associate’s Agreement upon its anniversary date.

Did you pay attention to this part of the clause?  “The Company may also elect not to renew an Associate’s Agreement upon its anniversary date.”  So lets say you have built a nice little income of about $20,000, (residual) a month (based upon product sales alone not recruiting new distributors), you decide that this is plenty enough for you to retire, you do not wish to continue recruiting, you want to just sit back and collect the check.  However, when your anniversary date arrives, you may want to check over your shoulder because the company just may not renew your contract…Why?, because THEY need the money more than you!  End of story.  You don’t think this happens?  Don’t kid yourself.  It happens all the time.Now you tell me if this is a company management team that has integrity and dependability?

You can search a data base of information and court documents provided by a network marketing watchdog…Rod Cook. Rod Cook of MLM Watchdog says a dozen or fifteen is the max amount of pages for a MLM contract. If you want to keep up with who is suing who or what company has just used a clause of their contract against a rep to terminate them, just go to Rod Cook at  This reference material is worth using when you are searching for a company to join or to reference a company that you are already a part of. You can certainly do your due diligence at this site.

If you procrastinate or find it difficult to research an opportunity you are with,  promise yourself that you will be vigilant and read your policies and procedures to see what is expected of you.  You would know what is expected of you in a traditional job, why consider your MLM opportunity any less deserving of this consideration? For example, manage your time wisely before you enter in to this industry. Soon you will find that it’s easier to take a bit of time to understand your contract upfront than it will be to find out when a clause is used against you in an effort to steal your bonus check that you agreed to the contract and there is NOTHING you can do now. Contract law is binding whether you read and understand them or not. You are bound by the law.

We are not and could not be making this stuff up.

Read your Policies and Procedures before you sign them. That bears repeating…Read your Policies and Procedures before you sign them. It is YOUR contract. If there is just one phrase or one word that you do not understand, DO NOT SIGN!

This is not a hobby farm you will be running. This is a serious business, treat it as such.


Beware of Legalese. If you don’t understand it, don’t sign it!

This is a quote from Richard Dennis:

Losing that check hurt a lot, but watching our team lose their checks hurt a lot more. And it was all because I didn’t read my contract.



To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership with a vision

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