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It is common knowledge  that  methods used 20 years ago to build a network marketing business, that would provide an income from home, have changed sharply. The old ways of making that proverbial list of family, friends and co-workers, and the 3 foot rule just does not work in today’s market.  Really it did not work some 20 years ago, however at the time this is the method of choice and had to be used it there was an income to be made at all. Now that we have the internet at our disposal marketing has changed with options that do work when those skills are learned and  mastered.  No more recruiting everyone who has a heartbeat and can fog a mirror.

For certain there is one thing that has not changed: If it is in fact your goal to create financial freedom through a network marketing opportunity that will pay you, your children and your children’s children, you have to make a certain commitment to be “ALL IN”. This is a life altering decision.

Question; how can you be “All In” in marriage if you are married to  more than one spouse at one time?  This is a similar story with MLM and network marketing business opportunities. How can you be “All In”,  laser focused  when attempting to build more than on company at a time, more than one affiliate program at a time? How can this be achieved?

If you are married to more than one spouse, someone will be lacking that all encompassing  love and attention that serves to nurture the relationship. It causes frustration when handling a marriage in this manner. And the same can be said of  a home-based business.

If you are in 20 income opportunities which one do you focus on.  Which opportunity do you promote to  your recruit?  This kind of thinking would not create any opportunity very quickly.  Furthermore, if you can not build one in-home passive income how will you ever create a cash flow from 20 opportunities?

This is not an “All In” decision. Flip flopping without direction.  You have to be all in. No ifs ands or buts or even when.  No trying, or  maybe…you either do it or you don’t.

Once you have made a decision, a decision as to  which company you wish to build your network marketing empire and what size of business you want to achieve, the universe will give you the support you need by way of the law of attraction.

Think of this scenario – there is someone waiting who is willing to  begin a home business opportunity and is willing to get going.  However, you flood this person with a dozen of contradictory affiliate programs  at the same time. Imagine what will happen – that person will stay put never making a decision and will wait till you make up your mind what lotions and potions or service you actually want to promote.

So I encourage you to finally make a decision as to what one turnkey work at home profitable MLM company you wish to create that financial freedom with.  Then develop your plan of action in accordance with your decision. You will be surprised how much smoother your business will grow.


To Your Success

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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5 thoughts on “Network Marketing Business Plan

  1. Dale thanks for coming back again. I appreciate repeat customers. LOL. I was one of the uneducated when I started in this business. I thought I could do it all alone. Boy was I wrong. Success requires a certain mindset, persistence and determination. Being “All In” as you have pointed out.
    Thanks Dale for leaving a comment.

    ~ Darlene and Dave

  2. I really enjoyed this post. You write about this topic very well. Great Marketing Strategies helps expand the business in the right way.

  3. Thanks Frieke, this seemed like a no brainier to me now. Unfortunately it was not always so clear to me. If you can not build one in-home passive income how will you ever create a cash flow from 20 opportunities? I have been there and done that. Actually I never created a dime from this sort of opportunity. What I did do was become educated and informed so I could make solid business choices, based on business principles.

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