Network Marketing Basic Principle for Success, Be Coachable

If you are looking for a company to join or simply want to evaluate the company you are already with, Michael Dlouhy’s 5 Pillars technology outlines a simple method to measure any company.

Caution: Please do Yourself a favour and answer these questions with your critical eye. A company may have the greatest products and the best pay plan on the planet, but if it is lacking any of the Five Pillars, you could lose EVERYTHING overnight. Your income and Reputation are at stake. The correct answers to these 5 questions WILL save You years of Failure and Frustration.

  • Pillar 1: Does the company management have personal experience building their own networking organization? Have they done it with Integrity?
  • Pillar 2: Has the company passed the “early failure” Time Line? Are the company’s Products timed with the beginning of a massive trend of consumer demand?
  • Pillar 3: Does the company have a Remarkable product at a
    “reasonable” price?
  • Pillar 4: Does the Compensation Plan Pay Part-Timers?
  • Pillar 5: Does your Mentor offer a System for Success that will work for You?

DO NOT MAKE A LIST OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. DO NOT BUY LEADS. Purchased leads require salesmanship. These methods do not work anymore. 90% of our population are NOT good salespeople. Not only that, most people don’t even like salespeople.

Before choosing a System, get a YES answer to: “Can I do this?” and “Will my Mentor help me?”  Networking in a Nutshell: You are perfect the way you are! You just need to be coachable. People are not duplicatable – systems are.

Your Mentor MUST have a Teachable system. To be successful in network marketing, You must “partner-up” with a 5 Pillars company. Networking is a simple business; NOT necessarily an easy business.  If You apply yourself in a Teachable system, you can be Successful and I can help you. I can assist in getting you plugged into the Mentoring For Free training.

This is not about getting you into a “deal”. It is about getting you trained so you can think for yourself. If you are ready to start following those footprints of success that have been left for you to follow, then click on the eBook icon on the right  and begin your network marketing training today.

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Never give up on your dreams. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.
~Tommy Lasorda

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If you are ready for success in YOUR life and in the business of YOUR choice, then being educated and trained in the industry would be invaluable to you.

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One thought on “Network Marketing Basic Principle for Success, Be Coachable

  1. There are so many scams out there right now that one has to be so careful! Getting educated is so important. Finding a company with all 5 Pillars is the only way I feel safe in knowing my company WILL be there throughout the rest of my life.

    Willena Flewelling

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