Network Marketing – An Income Opportunity for Home-Based Business Seekers, Oh Really

According to statistics 97% to 98% are failing networkers.  Those are not pretty numbers to be reading right now if you are in or thinking of joining an MLM company.
Most people have no idea how to get started, or where to get started.  Most don’t know what a lead generation system is, let alone what do do with the lead once they have one.
The problem starts here…Lack of education in this industry. Yeah folks you need to have some skills.  You have to find someone(s) who will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step what to do and what to say.   You just have to get plugged in with some real down to earth people who are experts, (I said experts, not gurus..BIG difference!) who know what skills  and techniques needed to be a success in this industry.
The next problem to get past is the belief in the false hope that has been promised to you. You have been  promised by marketers, gurus and promo videos that you will be making thousands by the end of the week.  We are so desperate that we believe anything being thrown at us without thinking the “promise” through.

Many of you are so angry at not making any money and being duped that you become stubborn and stay with an MLM company just to prove to yourself that you did not make a mistake joining. Determined that you will make something out of nothing.

You are so angry knowing  you have been taken in by the glitz and glamour that your ego will not let you leave to find a company that you can really create that dream income from home. You convince yourself that the next few bucks you put in to the company will be the “kick in the pants” your business needs.  Your ticket to real success, happiness and wealth. You have convinced yourself that if that guy in the promo video can do it, well why can’t I? Really, what does he have that I don’t have?

Well first the guy now has lots of your money and other peoples money.
Second he or she does not have a conscious and could care less who they trample along the way to making their millions. We hear many heart wrenching stories of people staying in MLM Businesses for years and never make a dime.

One women told us she was in an MLM Business for over 2 1/2 years f0r which she was paying $50 dollars a month to be a member, another $140 a month for her autoship of “widgets” and $30 a month  for her replicated websites. When my wife asked how much she had gotten back out of this company. The women said, with tears in her eyes, “she made nothing.”  One guy is making a whopping $0.50  on his sales of $250.00 a month. Still trying to build it.

When asked why she was still with her company? She said,  “that they had promised her a free down line.”

I realize that this may be really hard to hear right now. But there are many of you in this very situation. You are so in love with the product and the company that your not able to think critically and you really do not want to admit that you may have made a bad decision to join or to stay with a company.  Don’t make this mistake please!  Do not fall in love with a product.

You wanted to be in network marketing to make money right?   You need to go where the money is then.  If you have been in your company without a check, you need to face the fact that you may have made a bad decision on product and company.

When it comes to network marketing and getting started, this is what I know happens.  I know because I had to get started once myself.  I have made the mistakes and do not want to see you do the same thing.


  1. Fools rush in—before researching the policies and procedures of a company and the compensation plan
  2. A fool and his money are soon departed
  3. People have no regard for other people when money is involved

These so called “gurus” are sharks my dear friends…sharks! Sharks swimming around all of us who are waiting for a life line to save us from drowning debt or the early retirement dream.

Remember this friends, when these sharks smile and say, “come join me over here, use my lead generation system”, look at their teeth first. These teeth are not for show and tell.  MLM companies have all the tricks,tools and heavy hitters to draw you in, take your money and then spit out what’s left of you. Leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth for network marketing and your dreams stolen.

Unfortunately, for as many sharks as there out there, there are not as many life boats.  The life boats that ask for money to mentor, coach and train your are not the right life boats to be clinging on to. Grab on to the life line of those who are mentoring hundreds right now for free.  Because they have been where you are…beat up, mauled, hammered and spit out they know how it feels to be in this position.

We were given a free book by someone who cared enough to share this educational opportunity with us.  The free E-Book Success in 10 Steps then lead us to wonderful people who are now our mentors helping us every step of the way with our MLM home business. Teaching us all the skills we need to have success. Skills that we would love to pass on to you if you are ready to learn the skills that it does take to be a success in your business.

We are not looking to promise you thousands of dollars weekly or monthly, that’s not what we are about. Our mission is to help anyone learn skills that will save them thousands of dollars.

Grow your business and become a success by taking advantage of free training.

We realize that many are very reluctant when they here the words free. What’s the catch? Simply put, the joy and satisfaction we feel from helping others finally find the truth.

What’s in it for you…saving yourself money and years of failure and frustration.

Is there work involved? You have to work on learning and educating yourself about this industry, the good and the not so good side of network marketing.  There are more SCAMMERS than there are heroes. This is one skill you will learn …you will learn to never be scammed again. Wouldn’t that feel great?

Never give up on your dreams. The difference between the
impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.
~Tommy Lasorda

How can we best help you?

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

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6 thoughts on “Network Marketing – An Income Opportunity for Home-Based Business Seekers, Oh Really

  1. Wow – that part about the sharks hit home with me. Can’t tell you how many times I got chewed up and spit out in just my first 3 years.

    Now I can spot them right away and you are right, those who make big promises, have the glitz going are usually the ones we ought to be staying away from.

    Sometimes it’s not so easy to see their teeth right off.

  2. Great advice Dave and Darlene! For anyone reading this, the ebook is definitely worth your time to read. I really got my eyes opened about alot of what goes on in the industry through this ebook and the free training calls!

  3. Hi Dale, You know you can not blame those who have not read the book yet. Many have been taken by the “sharks” and are afraid that most promises of a training and education system is just like all the other promises they have heard.

    We can only hope that they will read this TRUTH.

    ~ Darlene and Dave

  4. Jennifer, We appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read this post. There are many who can now look back over their experiences and realize now that they were attacked by “sharks”. Thank goodness that you got educated about this industry.

    ~ Darlene and Dave

  5. What a super picture you drew with the sharks – this is bound to hit home for many – I hope you rescue many bny letting them understand so drastically!

    Thanks for putting this out!

    Frieke Karlovits

  6. I wonder when more people will wake up and see that most in this industry are “sharks”, just looking for your money. Integrity is an issue that I feel is lacking in network marketing and needs to be brought back.
    ~ Darlene

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