Network Marketing, A Personal Relationship Business

There are many advantages to starting your own home based MLM business.  Some examples would include and are not limited to the following: 

  1. Low overhead or start up (expenses) 
  2. Work from the luxury of your own home
  3. Work with who you want
  4. Work the hours that YOU want
  5. Tax breaks

Every year the home based business industry grows; with a new MLM in prelaunch or boasting of the ground floor opportunity everyday. People from all walks of life and all areas of the globe are seeing that starting a business from home is  the only thing left that will take you from average income earner and the employee mindset  to living a life that most only dream about.

Network marketing is moving a product and/or service to the end consumer all based upon personal relationships. Network marketing is NOT a sales business, contrary to what you have been told in the past…it never has been.  It has always been a relationship building business.  Build relationships and people will buy your product and perhaps join you in your business as a partner.   With network marketing, companies and small businesses find an easier, and much more cost effective way of communicating their message to the consumer.

People are flocking to home based businesses because of the medias perception and reporting of the economy of the world’s countries.  I am sure you have heard the reports on the radio, in the newspapers, and while listening to the television, about  the bad state the world economy is in. Everyday people are loosing their jobs and companies are downsizing or closing their doors for good. The unemployment rate is wild. What network marketing and a solid 5 Pillar home based business has to offer is the chance to generate a supplement income which could, with hard work…yes WORK, replace your income and then some.

I do not want to paint network marketing as a sure thing.  There are many who attempt this industry and many who fail miserably.  Mostly because they were not trained or educated about what to look for in a company.  It is NOT about the product, yes you need a good product, but you want an even better pay plan.  This is your insurance…a good pay plan.  Beware not all are alike.  All are toted as the best and a game changer, but do your due diligence an you will soon see that only a 5 Pillar company will offer you the very best pay structure there is in this industry.   

You can create an extra income with the right pay plan and company.  A 5 Pillar company has proven to help thousands of families around the globe. It has been proven, time and time again, that  network marketers can make much more than the full time income they were receiving from their 9 to 5 JOB.   Unfortunately, becoming a millionaire is not what happens to everyone who becomes involved in network marketing, as promised in the hype.  Only the ones willing to put it the extra effort make it big.  Networking is not for the faint of heart, the lazy or a person without desire and a dream. Most will find that average network marketers run their business part-time and make a few hundred per month or thousands per month. And this may be all one needs to help them through the rough time, and that is ok.  It is an excellent place to start.  However do make sure that you create your income from a 5 Pillar company.

If you need assistance finding a 5 Pillar company, we would be honoured to talk to you about what a 5 Pillar Company means to you, your success and the beginning stages of actually creating an income from home. Build it big and build it once.

To Your Ultimate Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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