Frustrated Network Marketer – One Good Investment Is Worth a Lifetime of Labour

The acknowledged concepts of a residual income traditionally has been but not limited to: Income from royalties, investments, real estate investments, etc.  Not everyone can write a “Best Seller”, not everyone has Thousands to invest in opportunity.  The sheer amount of money needed to invest in these types of opportunities is unattainable by most individuals.  However one good investment is worth a lifetime of labour. It is for this very reason that many turn to a more affordable form of creating an income from home.

The term residual income has become wider known in context with business models like network marketing and multi level marketing.

This desire of people to have a chance at creating some extra income, earn money, preferably creating a residual income has become a real boom with the possibilities of the internet. There are thousands of offers for work from home, income streams, creating wealth, it’s become hard to know what and how to choose. As a result of this flood if information a massive amount of scam has also appeared.

For some reason making money online is considered something anyone thinks they can do anyways – but it’s not like stuffing envelopes or other minor work from home of old.

In years past lots of people worked from home doing all sorts of handy work, such as making quilts, sewing, furniture making, even baking.  When the world began to become industrialized people left the home to find work.   We are seeing the pendulum shift back to working from home.  More and more people want to work at home since many find themselves out of work, or are chasing their dreams of early retirement.  Working at home simply put can increase the quality of living substantially.  However the mistake that many would be networkers are making is not being educated in this industry.  Networking they feel can be done on their own, they venture out and struggle for years.  It takes team work, it takes being educated.  Many listen to and pay for the wrong information and techniques that are out-dated. The web is a whole new arena which requires specialized training by those who are actually working it now.  Gurus who made their millions 10 or 15 years ago and are not currently working the WWW, other than to sign you up into their training deal and lead system, know nothing of the skill sets to build a residual income.

A home based business has to be learned and studied to have a chance of success.  Without becoming a student of the industry the hope of eventually  creating a residual income that will permit you to retire is beyond your grasp. Entrepreneurs who start an online business have to know which resources and marketing techniques to use.  Learning how to achieve a respectable first rate search engine ranking, or buying leads will get you nowhere.  Buying leads is a scam and a waste of money.  Creating leads, and not just any leads, but custom leads is critical for creating an income from home. Building relationships,  your people who join you in you opportunity must be plugged in to a system they can duplicate.

It certainly is possible to build a six figure income with a web marketing business opportunity, provided you do not get carried away with some hype screaming scam. Be a critical thinker and learn how to think and not what to think and you will succeed!

The premise has been set…you need to be educated and trained, mentored. Where do you find this training and mentoring?  Well you’ll find  tons of eBooks all over the internet, full of affiliate links.  Trust them at your peril, as they profit on every recommendation they make!

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Darlene and Dave Mills
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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker

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