Network Marketer – Loving Your Product, How is that Working for You?

While talking with network marketers, I frequently hear  they are totally in love with their product. They would move heaven and earth if it would allow them to let others take part in their joy.  In their "hype" about the product, what most do not realize is that they are causing their potential product user to push back from the conversation and pretty much refuse to learn any further information.

Coincidentally, when you ask the same people how their business is doing they, at times reluctantly and defensively, tell us that they have not made a dime. It is a situation which happens far too frequently.

Network marketing products  HAVE to be good.  If the product is not, the business will certainly not last.  So, it is not a matter of being in love with the product. If you lack the skills to market the product to grow your business through retail sales, which leads to true residual income, the income you desire will not be there for you.

Let us look at it like this.  When you first had thoughts of creating an income from home, you wanted to make money.  You probably did not have some particular product in mind, you just wanted extra money so you could pay the bills that were piling up.  A little extra to send your child to college. You were not in love with a product at that moment.  Somewhere we get caught up in loving the product.  Yes it is very important to have a good product, but it has to be one that the masses want and can afford, not just you. Your first goal was to create extra cash for yourself, don’t forget that. If you feel that you like the product that much be a user of it, but if your goal is to create wealth, loving the product may not get you there.  Find a company with a product, compensation plan and policies and procedures in place that will allow you to see your dream com true.

Once you have chosen a product it would be wise to understand just how you will be making your commissions.  At this point it is necessary to point out that not all compensation plans are created equally.  I too have heard that "I" have the very best compensation plan there is in network marketing. Again not always the truth. I know, our team of experts have analyzed over 700 compensation plans. Not all are in your favour and would have you jumping through far too many hoops (qualifications) to ever make a check.  It is no wonder we continually hear people tells us that they have not yet received a commission check.

Of course this may also be attributed to a huge lack of marketing skills in people. Perhaps a lack of consistent work in their business and many, many of other reasons. However, the biggest reason is the design of the business model!

Reading a commission plan, for instance, is not always as straight forward as could be. Clauses in the policies and procedures – written by lawyers – which in fact few people read, and the wording of compensation plans -  are at best sketchy. In short all the general "hyped"  information may look good, promising and straightforward -  with lots of earning potential, etc. Unfortunately when taking a much clearer look beyond all the hype presented to us, there may be hoops in every single step of the plan.  If there are "hoops", (qualifications) such as having to sponsor 2, 3 or 5 recruits into the business BEFORE ever receiving a commission or having to sell a certain amount of product, you the distributor will become discouraged, never make a check and quit.  As a rule the clauses and qualifications are disguised in words that make you believe it has to be that way and no other.    There are companies where you qualify for a check based on all of your efforts without having to sponsor a certain amount of recruits into the business first. This business model is designed to promote product sales and not recruit, recruit, recruit.

You love the product, but where is your check?

Surely you can see how critically important it is to become informed about the intricacies of the industry, learning  how to read the "small print", so to speak, in the commission plan and the policies and procedures! Most of us are not legal experts and we may not even understand precisely what is meant or we may assume that the policies and procedures have to be written that way and no other. I hear all the time, oh Darlene, they have to be written this way and they are in all MLM company contracts. NO THEY DON’T,  AND NO THEY ARE NOT!

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Dave and Darlene Mills

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  4. Hi Darlene,
    hi Dave,

    I once published a post:”The love of the product is the root of all failure.” You hit the nail on its head when saying that there won’t be a lasting business without a great product, so there’s no need to fall in love with a product, even if it’s a great one – what it should be anyway.

    Thanks for sharing a great reminder.

    Take care


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