NARC Technologies or CSI – Another MLM Scam?

A license plate mlm.  Excuse me?

How very lame….

Supposedly ….. this is now old news for most, but apparently some have not heard the news…"Narc Technologies has developed a nationwide database of license plates with the concept of supplying banks, lien holders, and to assist law enforcement agencies locate people and cars. Now as we all know the idea and the very best part of any network marketing or MLM is to be paid for a service or product rendered.  According to Narc That Car  or DNA (Now renamed CSI…Crowd Sourcing International, to escape being called a pyramid scheme by the FTC),  you get paid for imputing just 10 license plates a month into the database and your downline will get paid to do the same thing. Simple and easy!

OH PLEASE, could we use our brains and rational for just one minute when looking into this opportunity.  Please take a moment to go to and read this article written by Rod Cook.

I have already written some posts regarding Narc That Car or CSI which ever you want to call it. and as well as this post

Rationalizing this with an open mind we would realize that this information is already stored in a database by banks, to do their searches for liens and the police already have access to this information as well, since these agencies would have a legitimate reason for the information.

How inaccurate would a database be if it trusted in people haphazardly submitting   info from the street? Who would want or need this information, and governments already have access to the official records.

Paying people to be informants…just goes to show that if you attach a compensation plan to something, the con artists can turn anything into a network marketing opportunity.  What happens to the rep “A” who reports a certain amount of plates and by chance rep “B” reports the same plate information?  Who gets paid, who does not get paid?

Not even looking at the above scenario, how do the Reps get paid? The comp plan is briefly described but there are lots of holes in the presentation. Reps have to pay $100 to get started plus $25 per month for a website.  After all should  the company not be making money of of some kind of service being offered.  The company SHOULD NOT be making money on the backs of the reps by charging them every month for the That seems to be where most of the company’s revenue will come from.  RED Flags all over this one guys.

Potential clients, the lien holders, have to sign up for the service through a local sponsor. Can you imagine the loan department of The Royal Bank of Canada or The Bank of Nova Scotia signing up for network marketing based service? I DON’T THINK SO! The way I see the setup of a local rep marching in to any bank and having a meeting with a branch manager to convince him to buy his database, I just don’t see where that is going to happen.

I went to Narc Technologies corporate website as of Aug 3/10.  It is ‘”under construction”. It has  been that way since 2008.


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