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We wrote an article a while ago entitled Monitium Non Cents and Dangling Carrots  A Multiple Streams of Income review of sorts.. Monitium sure had a pretty eye catching website and packaging but the concept has to be ironed out before ANY Umbrella Portfolio/Multiple Streams of Income MLM will ever be a resounding success, in our opinion.


Here is another look at why we feel Monitium’s portfolio system and other multiple streams of income building (portfolios) won’t work. Never have and never will.

Umbrella MLM: Is an MLM company formed to sell multiple MLM – Network Marketing Companies their products, services & compensation pay plans.

The theory is not all of them will fail at the same time and at least one or two opportunities will generate multiple streams of income for “someone”…and of course they are always adding new business opportunities to the portfolio [as it is inevitable that some company/s will fail].

For the past 20 to 25 years these “The MOST Robust Turn-Key System in the Marketplace”,  “Entirely New”,  “Never Seen Before”,  “Hybrid Programs”, “Ground Floor Opportunities” and “Get in NOW” deals have been in existence, although the name of the program or opportunity may be “new”, the concept is NOT.  Not one…allow us to repeat that…not ONE of these portfolio type programs have ever lasted.

There have been dozens or very similar, cookie cutter type deals through the years that sprang up out of no where and they have ALL died.  A little due diligence will determine that not a single Portfolio/ Umbrella/ Multiple Stream of Income opportunity has managed to make it to it’s10th anniversary, and only a single one made it past their fifth anniversary. 

Monitium described itself as “a new way of winning in this great industry”.  It is not a NEW and winning way…Not when you look back and see it followed other very similar Portfolio attempts. If anyone had bothered to read the writing on the wall they could have seen that because of the past results with this theory, that future results would surely be the same no matter what new company followed the old concept.

“Not one opportunity of this type in the past 25 years has managed to produce a single person who has earned even $10,000 for a SINGLE month.” Len Clements

Here is a short list portfolio deals/multiple streams of income MLM that have attempted to make this concept work in the past and FAILED: (in no particular order and there a plenty more)

  • Lifetime Downline 
  • The MLM Alliance 
  • Team Building Project 
  • Portfolio International  
  • Page One

The MLM Alliance, Assurance Network and Secure Independence were very complex business ops; they were professionally run opportunities doing business in the 1990s. Guess what? They offered practically the same cookie cutter concept as Monitium, only with different founding member companies and lack of the internet to spread the word.

According to Len Clements in his article Monitium Portfolio Program Review – An Old, Failed Concept in a Beautifully Wrapped Package 


1. MLM Portfolio or Umbrella companies are confusing downline building clubs to benefit the guys at the top. Some have been honest failures. Some included friends of mine that I violently warned. Others are purely deceptive scams started by plotters who know that being at the top of the downline in each company will benefit them.

2.  Little guys at middle-bottom can’t work or build 1 MLM much less 2 to five. The overflow or spill promised…. that the downline builders brought them in with, mathematically can’t work.

3. At the end of about 8-14 months the guys at the bottom leave and the “window shade effect” disintegration starts. Level by level faster and faster.

4. Losers complain to the law and the law goes after the Umbrella company. If it is a club(a trick pulled to try to get away from registering with states) regulators then fall upon the owners!

5. Guys at the top (founders)? They make out sometimes, but most have ended up flat broke and disappeared out of the MLM Industry with 1000’s of angry voices chasing them.The Watchdog’s opinion is to “run” when these “NEW” innovations get rolling full steam! Stay out of their way!

Dear readers, history holds no secrets. There are hundreds of failed MLM opportunities that were “The MOST Robust Turn-Key System in the Marketplace”, “Entirely New”, “Never Seen Before”, “Hybrid Programs”, “Ground Floor Opportunities” and “Get in NOW” shipwrecks. Why is it that so many people do not use their ability to think as critical human being and pay attention to the history of this industry and where it has failed miserably? History is standing right behind us, it does not cast a shadow but rather it shines a very bright light on the future.

Reason with yourself on this one (and others just like it), please…If the multiple stream of income /umbrella portfolio  works so well, if there are so many advantages to this concept, then why isn’t everyone doing it?

It is a well known fact that pursuing multiple MLM programs at the same time is a theory that is universally denounced by the MOST successful MLMArtJonakus veterans who are still working today, such as Michael Dlouhy, Tom Schreiter, Art Jonak, Michael Oliver (others). These are the guys whose methods ofMichaelDlouhy-198x300 prospecting (downline building efforts) make the most sense to duplicate. These guys are not your average “one hit wonders”. These guys are PROFESSIONALS.

What do Michael Dlouhy, Tom Schreiter, Art Jonak, tom-new-head-smallMichael Oliver, Jim Rohn, and a laundry list of 50 top distributors (there are more)  have in common? They ALL had (and or still have) a LASER targeted focus on what they wanted in ONE company. They built ONE downline in ONE company at a time, in a company they adored and products they knew they could jimrohnmove to the end consumer. The biggest factor…they COMMITTED to michaeloliverbuild their company for several years. (Once they found that one good opportunity that would take care of them and their family and their family’s family for the rest of their lives.)

To have success in this industry, ONE GOOD INVESTMENT is all that is required.

We have approximately 70 plus years of successful and failed attempts at network marketing to look back upon so we CAN see what really does work, and of course; what doesn’t work! Everything has already been tried, we are only seeing different cookie cutter templates of what has already been attempted…it is just using a new name.

Be careful, do your due diligence and check your history.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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