Monitium Non Cents and Dangling Carrots


Ok there is a new kid on the block. Another Pre-Launch, Get in Now, Multiple Steams of Income (OUTGO!) getting ready to start up.  I’ve been spammed several times this new opportunity. The new kid on the block….Monitium.

The individuals who have been spamming me this deal don’t know one thing about me.  I actually investigate what others are wanting me to join.  I learned a while back to be a “Critical Thinker”.  After all it is my success and reputation that is at stake.

The concept or “How It Works” is this… recruit people into your genealogy, which Monitium tracks on your behalf (for a monthly fee) Then your team can join multiple MLM opportunities that are approved by Monitium’s Advisory Board and create multiple income streams so that if any company goes under, you still have income from the others.  The Advisory Board on an ongoing basis will be adding other companies, which anyone will be able to join as they choose.  I would think it would be in the Advisory Boards better interest to have chosen companies that would not be going under and they would not have to be on the hunt for other companies to add to their scheme.

This all seems very much like another program out there known as “The Team Building Project”.  I am not so sure just how proprietary Monitium is.

  1. There is never any guarantee in this industry that a company will never go belly up…even the most established company can go belly up.
  2. Monitium is at least giving you a warning if you decide to pay attention, “Then, at your discretion, you and your team can take part in this new outside MLM opportunity.
  3. If Monitium is NOT an MLM as their presentation video suggests, then why bother handing your hard earned money over to them to be the middle man of the companies that you will be joining.  You have to pay a monthly fee to them for what, having them “THINK” for you.  Come on people, wake up and take control of your own destiny.

Why am I having a big issue with this?

  • All income is based on recruiting even though it is not an MLM
  • Recruiting people into multiple income streams (if you can not build one how can you build 4 or 5 companies);  that have been investigated and approved by the Advisory Board. The Advisory board is NOT building your business, you are!
  • Not being able to use your own brain to think.  Don’t let  someone else do your thinking for you.  You are right back in the employee mindset you were hoping to get away from.

It is my personal belief that people who join network marketing do so because they see themselves as the “Boss”. imageThe “Boss” makes decisions for themselves and controls their own future without interference from a “middle man”.  Monitium has set  itself up as the “middle man” and your critical  thinking capability, if you join, has just been forfeited.

With Monitium making the decisions for you who do you suppose is really in control of your MLM future?  Your genealogy is YOUR”S no matter what company you are in. Why pay them a monthly fee to think for you.  What a dangling carrot this is.

Monitium is suggesting that if you join them that they are going to be able to protect you from the Big Bad MLM companies who are notorious for terminating distributors at their whim, (sole discretion).  Just how does Monitium  think they are going to protect you from the MLM company’s Policies and Procedures?  Monitium toting that they can deliver distributors (look the distributors are out there whether Monitium brings them to the company or not) has nothing to do with protecting you from the contract which you will sign as soon as you ticked the little box  “I agree to the terms”.  Monitium can NOT protect YOU from a legal document which has already been written.

I googled Ryan Vanderpool. Why because I had a notion;  they have all these “gurus” who are going to be YOUR Advisory Board.  My hunch was that most of these guys would be representing an MLM Company.  Ryan Vanderpool; well he is in Max International.  Why is this a big deal.  Because this is just another way of these “gurus” recruiting you into THEIR opportunity and them profiting from the deal not you. They are building their team not yours.

Reference to Integrity of Chris Cuccharia (Advisory Board member of Monitium and was also an Advisory Board member of the “Momentum Tour” launched by Max International. I found this legal document provided by a blogger of  court documents of a case against Ty Tribble, Bo Short and Chris Cuccharia. Read here: Ty Tribble, Bo Short and Chris Cuccharia, secretly planned to take over the Master Distributor positions of Max International using pressure and attempting to gather support within its distributor base. Illegal activity.

Past history usually is a good indicator of future behaviour.  Need I say much more about this Advisory Board Member whom you will be putting your trust in?

Buck Reed…you may want to read up about Buck Reed here:,7004

Jim Bellacera, what MLM company does he represent, he has had association with MonaVie, Amway and others.  What do you suppose the chances will be that one or more of these companies will be on the approved list?

Look, when you are selling a fish, make sure to advertise the fish. In my opinion this new prelaunch is just a big guise to bolster the downlines of these top industry leaders. Let’s just see what companies are approved. Then we will know for sure.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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