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The movie Avatar reminded me of MLM companies, their greed and ego and just what they are willing to do for the almighty dollar.  Many times the companies integrity leaves us as frustrated network marketers. The concepts in the movie were very fascinating and very different from other sci-fi movies.  If you watch movies the way I do, you do not want any distractions that take away from the movie.  I like to get fully engrossed in the movie and enjoy the total experience.

The images of the landscape were breath taking, the indigenous wildlife was very fitting to the movie, the main characters, clans and tribes topped off elements of the movie that made it a learning experience drawing you into the story.  The over all experience of the movie was fantastic and the story line brought many thoughts to mind.

It seems that what is happening in the corporate world was portrayed very well in the movie.  The greed and ego of the big companies has pushed them to take and destroy those that get in the way of their agenda and progress.  In publicly traded companies the shareholders demand a bigger piece of the pie. In private companies owners may demand a bigger piece of the pie, which pushes the company management to the point where they will do and make decisions that can bring heartache to those distributors in the company.


In the multi level marketing arena the behaviour of some companies are no different than that in the movie.  Some companies will write policies and procedures that are long and full of legalese that the average person will not understand or the implications.  Compensation plans will be written with breakage that benefits the company when a distributor could not jump that last hoop to get a cheque. If you have not guessed by now it was the company that benefited for the hard work of the distributor.  After all they need to pay for that big fancy building they love to brag about.  By the way, the distributor had to eat Kraft dinner again this week because they could not afford anything else.


When a company brags about various assets that are not needed but serve as status symbols, the compensation plan is written in ways to cover the costs of these add-ons. If the company has a private jet then they also need to hire and pay a pilot on staff, pay for fuel and related airport fees.  These expenses are paid on the backs of the distributors who have to work extra hard for a decent cheque. Just how many times do the distributors have access to this jet?  Is it just to stroke the ego of publically traded company shareholders and the owners of private companies?  I do not know about you but I do not need to be in a company that owns a jet because the customer buying products does not care if the company owns a jet.  I will say, they will once they see that same product is sold elsewhere less the mark-up to cover the costs involved with the jet.  Higher priced products make the work of the distributor even harder.


What about the top management? Are they able to run the company without a large personal staff?   If the CEO needs a large staff to get through the day then the distributor’s cheque and the price of the products will reflect this.  Is a large staff needed to cover the fact that the CEO spends their day on the golf course?  I would have to ponder this and decide if I wanted to work extra hard so they can spend their day having fun while I worked hard just to earn a cheque.  I do agree that the owners/CEO of a company deserve their leisure time also, but I would expect that they would work hard to earn it also as I do.  If they are just taking advantage of the position then I would say it is nothing more than monkey business.


If you are thinking about joining a company with this sort of behaviour going on I would have to say there is a lot of monkey business going on.  Remember if this is the case it will be reflected in the compensation plan in the form of breakage and in the price of the product you will be trying to sell.  I point to one fact and that is the distributor will be paying for all this in the form of hard work and a small cheque. I say that if this is the case, would it not be easier to hire a monkey to run the company and pay him in bananas?  Bananas are cheaper to buy which means a bigger piece of the pie for you as a distributor.  You do deserve to be paid fairly for all your hard work, would you not agree?

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