MLM Today–Is Your MLM Income Bullet Proof

I would imagine that you (reading this article) do NOT like to be sold. But in MLM Today is your MLM income bullet proof?

You walk into your local hardware store, looking for a new power drill;  you just want to look around, pick out what YOU want. You don’t want some sales clerk hovering over you explaining that this other power tool by a different company is way better (because the price tag is higher).  When you have had a moment to think, look, touch and explore the new tool; maybe, just maybe you will ask for a clerk to help explain a feature that you are not positive about and make a decision based on your own belief about the product.

How To Build Your Business!

Many network marketers when starting out have heard that they HAVE to change.  They have to become more aggressive and push their deal.  They are instructed to make a list of friends & family and go spill the beans all over them, giving them way more information than is required or requested about their new business opportunity. You become the Terminator; the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Network Marketing, forcing them into your  business.

Look for The Volunteers:

Target the market and find people who already are looking for the opportunity that YOU are offering. Look for people who already believe in network marketing. Do not go out and try to build  a dream for those who know nothing about MLM to get them in the business. 

After you find the volunteer, you still can not force feed them your business.  You have to find out if what you are offering will benefit them and be a solution for what they think they are looking for. They may be looking for a better way to create an additional income from home, but it still may not be YOUR deal that creates the dream they want.

Even when you find a group of volunteers who raise their hand to join your opportunity, they may not be the warrior type.

Talk to the people who believe, people you do not have to convince that network marketing is the only possible opportunity left for the average person to create a substantial income while working from home.  Those people are warriors. Those people are ready to take action.  Those are the people you want. Build relationships with those people and never, never, never quit building the relationship with them!

Heavy hitters talk about building relationships. The truth is, they barely have a relationship with their spouse or their kids, and they certainly do not have one with their business partners. They become a chatterbox, rambling on about relationships, but they don’t know how to build one. They bring people into their business with a heavy fist and then leave them to struggle alone.  The heavy hitter never builds a relationship with them and within a matter of months the new recruit is gone. But the heavy hitter never has a problem with that because he just plugs the hole again with another unsuspecting victim. The heavy hitter could build a HUGE empire if they would only stop long enough to nurture a relationship.  The people they bring in would have a sense of worth and belonging and stay long enough to see just how profitable MLM can be.

Is Your MLM Income Bullet Proof?

What if your MLM company went out of business tomorrow, today or next week? I hear that snicker of disbelief.  Don’t laugh – it has happened to many, many people in this business. (E-Fusion, YTB  Your Travel Biz, ITV Ventures, WoW Mobile, Fortune High Tech Marketing and Synaura) just to mention a few that have shut their doors) Really, what would you do? Is it possible that you would you have to start over again to build new in your next venture without imageanyone from the previous venture following you?

NOT if you have taken the time and made the effort to build “know, like, & trust,” relationships, then your people will follow you to your next company. They will trust in your judgment.

If you haven’t built those relationships, your MLM future is on “Start-Up” mode again and very difficult to predict the outcome.

Your success depends on the relationships you can build so why take a chance? You HAVE to work hard and keep close relationships with each team partner. This is an approach that will pay off for you big-time, whether your current company is around forever or not.

Building a relationship is the #1 key to any Network Marketing attempt.  image

Realize this…YOU are perfect just as you are.  Everybody on your team is perfect just like they are.

  1. They don’t need to change.
  2. They don’t need to become a pushy, aggressive salesperson.

Ninety-two per-cent of the world’s population is sales RESISTANT, so stop trying to sell and convince your downline to become sales people. MLM is NOT about SALES.

Many top leaders and trainers will tell you this very same truth. Tom Schreiter, Michael Oliver and  Art Jonak to name a few, know that you have to build relationships and not offer what we think someone needs.  We have to discover if what we have to offer will be a solution to our prospect’s problem.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
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I guarantee 100%  if the foundation of what you are currently doing isn’t working for you, and you continue doing it, tomorrow will yield the same results. Change the foundation, change the results.” ~ Michael Oliver

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