MLM Today-What is the Absolute Perfect MLM Compensation Plan

In the past six years Bob and Anna Bassett of have analyzed imagewell over six hundred companies. Why? Because they were looking for the best MLM compensation plan so they could share it with the world.  We have joined them in this search recently. Here in this post we will not only show you the best but the PERFECT pay plan for network marketers that has been discovered.  What is the absolute Perfect MLM compensation plan?

Here it is, the perfect compensation plan according to Bob and Anna Bassett….

It’s a *’Killer’ fully forced automatic democratic dynamic compression upfront oversized incessantly successful swirling vortex virtual voucher bonus pool hybrid high ticket big ticket big league binary trinary nonflushing checkmatching revolutionary fiduciary floating descending patent pending never ending pulse pounding jaw dropping competition stopping ground floor ground breaking earth shaking life changing spilled executive bonus-to-infinity coveted coding stairstep cycler on steroids spillover sensational generational re-entry residual ruby gold silver bronze diamond emerald soaring sapphire black pearl platinum pulsating prelunch (sic) powerleg point of presence perpetual motion squared multiple stream extreme dream dual edge open supersucking miracle money skyrocketing siphon magnetic smoke free and mirrorless mega matrix with an astonishing black belt back end transactional transitional turbo millionaire unilevel level playing field recession proof rotating revolving real time rebate lifestyle quick start guided missile explosive three tier global revenue power pool perfect profit sharing virtually unlimited vehicle car bonus cascading commission cash cow cost overbalancing perpetual payment purge and replace feeder time leverage income and a foundational motivational large leg stabilizer maximizer bonus yet to be quantified that nobody understands but even a monkey could do it!

Bob and Anna actually found every one of those phrases and we have added ‘Killer’ that we recently were pitched,  in the business presentations and promo videos and materials from real MLM companies. No wonder our industry has a bad name in the general public eyes!

tomlydTom Big Al Schreiter tells us that we never want to set off ‘salesman alarms’ and send your prospects fleeing for safety in every direction.  We believe and recommend that it would be in your best interest as a networker not to use this kind of hype when you are talking to people about your opportunity. Why? Because it sends them racing for the door every time.

To hear more about how to find the best MLM compensation plans and avoid scams, contact us and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Thanks to Bob and Anna Bassett of for sharing their insight and humour. 

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

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3 thoughts on “MLM Today-What is the Absolute Perfect MLM Compensation Plan

  1. Well I don’t know if there ever be a perfect pay plan but if there is one you can understand and through due dilligence be assured it will work for you I say go for it.

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for your comment.
    I agree, I don’t know if there will ever be a “perfect” pay plan, but there are those better than others. The one that actually pays you for your hard work, without all the hoops to jump through. Hoops such as monthly requirements to service at least 5 new customers a month, or recruit 2, 3 or more reps a month. Those are near impossible requirements.

    How about a pay plan that pays you because you are working and bringing new business to the company…and the only requirement to actually receive commissions for products you have sold is to have an autoship…nothing else…that sounds like the best kind of compensation plan to me. Due diligence will aid in finding the best compensation plan.

    I hope you will contribute again on our blog.

    Dave and Darlene

  3. Hi Darlene and Dave,

    the answer to this question is easy: The best comp plan is the plan that allows me to make the most money with the least amount of people. If it makes it easy to figure that out, even better, right ?

    Thanks for sharing Bob’s and Anna’s parody, it’s so much fun.

    Be blessed


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