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Have you seen all of the “Network Marketing Insanity” there is in MLM today?. The things that will be done to make a sale and mind manipulating statements that will be made to cause belief  that we can do it.  A member of my team recently spoke with an awesome couple on a 3 way call.  The couple is in a MLM company selling water filters.  They were telling my team member that their basic product sells for four thousand dollars.

They really wanted my team member to understand that even though it is expensive, customers could over time purchase it!”

Fantastic! Hope really does spring eternal in network marketers, obviously! They want to convince you and I that we can make anything work at any price. Their reasoning…”Heck we can sell it over time.”

This is what my partner said to them.


You have got to be pulling my leg?  You would have to be a sales person to accomplish a sale like that.  Anyone can see that a $4,000 product is a sales business. YOU can call it network marketing if they want, but let me ask you a question:

When you do sponsor a new distributor, do they go on autoship for $4000.00 a month?

No! Really, I didn’t think so.

My partner went on to tell them about a great tool called “Success in 10 Steps”. This is the conversation that followed:

“Success In 10 Steps is a great tool, but for you it will not work. You will never be able to use this resource to locate network marketers who would be willing to spend $4000. Our system is perfect to build a relationship business, but that’s not what you have – you have a SALES business. You need to run ads to find salespeople.”

You will occasionally find those who are looking for a $4000 product and will buy it because THEY wanted it and believe in it.  However, these people are the exception to the rule. It is impossible to build a network marketing empire waiting for this kind of exceptional person. You sure as heck will not sell many $4,000 water filters. There’s no way you can recruit those people, because they won’t buy the product.

In the old days it was pretty normal to place ads looking for salespeople, not anymore. salespersonSalespeople have not showed huge success in network marketing, for many reasons.  Mainly because salespeople are not able to train and show others exactly what it is that they are capable of doing.  They can not show people how to be as dynamic and animated as they are. Yet the salespeople try to change people, but this is not duplication.  You still have to be YOU. People are NOT duplicatable, but systems are.

First and foremost everyone has to know that network marketing is NOT a sales business.  It is a relationship business.  When you build strong relationships with people, you create a know like and trust atmosphere.  These people will join you in business because they trust you.

What is really needed in MLM today is a lot of people, each doing a little bit. That is the model that works. You can build a big business with that business model.

The standard for creating huge M-L-M networks has always been lotions, potions and vitamins. REMARKABLE products which are value priced such as  nutritionals & personal care products that get raved about and used up and bought over and over. That is the type of product that creates residual income. Consumable products these are.  When a product is gone it has  to be purchased again and again, like shampoo, toothpaste, cereal…food.  You have to constantly be restocking your shelves with these items when you go grocery shopping.  That is a consumable product.

Now let me ask, is a girdle a consumable product that you have to purchase over and over again each month on autoship?  No?  (I sure hope not as the prices on these garments are high, I sure would not want to be purchasing a girdle at a $100+ a pop each month on autoship. At that price they should e lasting me 12 months of the year.)  With this business model you are constantly looking for NEW customers, which is not a bad thing, but it would make sense to keep the customers who are already coming back to  buy each month.

I would go so far as to say that any product that doesn’t create residual income – people on autoship who buy automatically every month – is NOT an M-L-M product.

You do not have to agree with me, but if it is your intent to create RESIDUAL INCOME then you better find a product which will inspire people to set up an autoship account, so their products will not run out.  This is  the #1 reason for doing M-L-M.  And it will only  happen with people on autoship.

The business model is  simple. No autoship = No network marketing.

That water filter customer never goes on autoship. So not only is there NO residual income, but you also must be a pretty good salesperson to sell a $4,000 product.

I’m not a salesperson. I cannot do it. Not too many people can do it. Can you work and work and work and find someone who can? There is a lot of man hours in finding a salesperson who could sell any product that has such a large price tag. You will be a long time building a network marketing income while looking to find the right sales guy.

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