MLM Today-A Wonderful Industry With One Enormous Failing

MLM is a wonderful industry, but it has one ENORMOUS failing. One of our Facebook friends asked us “What Do YOU Mean People Build People?” He saw this on our profile picture. So to answer his question and perhaps a question that many network marketers have, “What do you mean, people build people?”

New people do not get trained to build relationships with prospects and veteran marketers are using old techniques to build an organization. They’re like babies left in the woods. No hope of survival. Both lack skills and many misunderstand what MLM is all about.

My husband and I failed forward for sometime before we found our own MLM mentor. This man has made many, many MILLIONS of dollars in network marketing. He once recruited 100,000 people in just over 2 years … back BEFORE the internet days and another downline of 300,000 in a separate company.  Please note that he was not in two companies at the same time.  That is another subject for another post, but if you can not be successful in one company why attempt to build in another.  You will just be unsuccessful in two companies and have multiple streams of “Out-go”. 

I’ve read his books and listened to many of his skills training cd’s. This man is a mentor with a servant’s heart. He is a shining beacon of what you and I can be.

Our goal is to help ANYONE, just as Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has helped us.

Briefly, here’s our MLM philosophy as you will read on Darlene’s Facebook profile pic:

Don’t sell.

Don’t recruit.

Don’t say ONE doggone word to family & friends!

Build People. People will build your business.

That’s what we have learned, and that’s our advice to anyone. Look for someone who is looking for you. THEY will build your MLM business. Once you’re rocking & rolling, THEN go back and pick up family & friends.

So to answer the question what do I mean about Build People.

Network marketing (MLM) is a relationship business and not a numbers game. But the imagerelationship IS the process. It IS network marketing. Network marketing is NOT just a numbers game. People are people, not numbers.

They have goals, dreams and desires. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and grandparents too…people who love them.

The “numbers game” garbage teaches people to become a recruiter, and not a sponsor. Recruit, recruit, recruit, numbers, numbers, numbers. You have to create relationships of know, like and trust.  People do not buy from or join people who they do not know, like or trust.

Sure people might sign up under you, but they will be gone and you will be plugging the spot again with another recruit. If you build good relationships they will stay with you for theimage long haul, when they face stumbling blocks and detours on their way to success.

Products come and go. Companies come and go. Your spider web, if you build it right, if you treat it right, will last forever. If you treat it like just another income source, Direct-Marketing-style, you’re trading long-term stability for short-term profit.

If you are like the majority of Network Marketers, then you are always looking to learn new skills and obtain more knowledge for yourself or to pass along to your team. Help yourself by contacting us and we will point you in the right direction.

Good deeds live on in the minds of others. When you do a kindness for someone else, you set in motion a force for good that will remain long after you’re gone.

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