MLM Sales Requirements – Jumping Through Flaming Hoops

frustratedAs network marketers part of our daily routine is to be in contact with our prospect.  If this is the case with you chances are that there are times during the month when it appears that you have reached them at a most inopportune time; and your call to them is to say the least, unwelcome.

Not to sound negative or anything but I have noticed this is about  every month and right at the end of the month in particular.

A friend of mine relayed this story to me

I recently called one of my prospects who downloaded the MLM ebook “Success in 10 steps” – which always happens for a reason. He was totally upset how I could dare to call him now, at the end of the month. Also recently, I followed a discussion in an MLM forum and people were acknowledging themselves that they managed somehow to survive the end of the month, and other people in this forum were even able to resonate with that.

Naturally I was a bit confused as to what these people were talking about. What was the difference for these marketers and myself.  They were in such a frenzy at the end of the month trying to desperately meet their company sales requirements to “qualify” for a residual income  check.

It is funny, we become involved in network marketing to escape the daily 9 – 5, the “rat race”, catsignsbut yet we become hog tied by the MLM company Policies and Procedures that place strict requirements upon the distributors to actually take possession of a pay check.   These companies require networkers to fulfill tough sales requirements in order to be eligible for commissions.

Tough sales requirements that need to be fulfilled on a monthly basis. WOW!!  Not enough sales, no commission. So long pay check.  A requirement of servicing 5 customers or generating 5 new customers a month is NOT an easy requirement to meet and not a requirement in all companies.  Yet many people feel that this type of a pay plan is great. 

hoopsAnother requirement is to meet a  bonus point autoship of perhaps 100 points.  A requirement in all MLM companies.  A 5 Pillar company allows leeway and adjustment of the autoship.  For instance lowering the autoship or changing the date of the autoship. Simply because there are times when we are just starting our business that we may not be able to afford the 100 bp autoship at that time.  A 5 Pillar company does not have you jumping though flaming hoops, backwards to meet eligibility requirements.

Most take this as gospel when this is not the case.  If you are having to meet these outrageous requirements, I would do one of three things…1) Run,  2) Run and  3)  Run!!

You might think that you build yourself an MLM business, but you’re still in the rat race, this is not building residual income.

Hello! – it is not gospel either. With a little bit of training, there is a solution.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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