MLM Question–What Do You Think Of My Site?

There are usually two reasons you are asked “What doimage you think of my site?”  First, it is a sneaky way of presenting their deal to you which you were not expecting and usually activates your salesman approaching alarm. Second, reason is they are looking for an honest answer of what you think of their site.

Regardless of the motive there are a few things to consider.

First, If you have to put your email address, name and phone number in a form to see what the product or business opportunity is about then consider yourself being added to a list.  What happens to the list can sometimes be anyone’s guess.  This list may be sold as leads or may be used by those presenting their opportunity.  Regardless be prepared timageo be spammed or even contacted by a number of people who are trying to get you into their deal.  The sad truth is you just opted into seeing that site only and not everyone’s deal who may have bought the list.

If you are like me, you just want the information without being obligated to anyone or anything. It is just your intention to look over the site as asked and make comments on your observations.

imageSecond, If it leads to a product site my question is, “Why was I asked to put information into a form so you could show me your products?”  Oh yeah, I’m on your list now.  I will not fill out a form just to see products.  I just want to see the product(s) and prices without obligation, being hounded or spammed.  Like most, I want to look for myself, compare and make a decision of whether this is a product I want and if I have questions I will contact you for answers.

Third, filling in the form to go to a business opportunity where the splash page just gives minimal information will usually mean being added to a list.  Here we go again – “fill out the form and they will meet you on the other side.”

If you are presenting a business opportunity and asking for an opinion there are elements I want to see before I will commit to making a comment.

imageFirst, I want to be able to access the names of the company owners.  I want to do my due diligence on them and determine if they are the type of owners I want to be in business with and would I be comfortable bringing people into the business.

imageSecond, I want to see that I have easy access to the policies and procedures.  I want to study them and see what the company expects of me and I want to see if there are any “Dream Stealer” Clauses in the contract.

Third,  the compensation plan should be found easilyimage and not hidden.  I would want  determine whether there are any or too many hoops to jump through in order to get a pay check.  I want to be able to figure out how hard I need to work to make $10,000 a month of residual income.

These are important elements that every marketer should be looking for in order to make an informed decision about an opportunity.  If these elements are hidden or kept from you until after you join then this should raise a red flag and caution should be exercised and better yet RUN – RUN – RUN.

There are reasons for keeping important elements hidden behind a splash page; it makes me wonder “WHY?”, Is the distributor who is representing the business opportunity not proud of  the companies imagepolicies and procedures or the compensation plan and feels the need to keep these important documents hidden?  Is the product of little value, too expensive or non existent?  Do they need to trick you into giving up your information so they can contact and convince you that this is the product/business opportunity that you need or should be in?  Remember that the only person that can convince you is “YOU’!”

If you want people to comment on your site then be open about it.  Let them go to your site and stop hiding behind an information gathering splash page.  If you allow people to go directly to the product/business opportunity site and they feel if it is what they want or the opportunity is a fit for them, they will fill in the information themselves without feeling they have been tricked or sold.  Potential business partners need to be guided to your site where they can do their due diligence on their own without pressure.

There are two kinds of people, those who struggle doingimage their presentation wrong and those who click here to do their presentation the right way to get the desired results they were looking for.



Dave and Darlene Mills

I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.
Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection

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One thought on “MLM Question–What Do You Think Of My Site?

  1. Hi Dave and Darlene!

    Being on the receiving end of sneaky tactics builds indignation and tarnishes reputations at the same time.

    I feel they simply lack sales basics or attraction marketing principles, so they resort to spam.

    This is a menace which won’t go away any time soon.
    It pays to let them know bluntly you won’t tolerate spam and if they want a comment, they won’t get anything more.

    Welcome to the TSA family!


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