MLM Prelaunch-Is It a Safe Choice for Network Marketers

Frustrated network marketer, have you ever watched NASA launch a rocket or shuttle? You have heard them imageuse the term “Prelaunch”.  To those  in the space industry it means the final tests and systems check to ensure a successful launch and mission. We have seen in past launches that during prelaunch tests problems have been uncovered. Some of the problems encountered were found to be serious enough to delay the launch for a period of time. Once the problems have been resolved and final checks done once again the launch proceeds and the mission goes ahead without incident. In 1967, Apollo 11 was proceeding with the prelaunch checks when disaster struck. The command module caught on fire killing all three astronauts. Even during prelaunch testing disaster can strike destroying a mission. As we have seen even prelaunch tests and system checks cannot avert all unforeseeable problems as we witnessed in the Apollo 13 mission and it is the same with MLM prelaunch.

In NASA the prelaunch tests are done to ensure the astronauts safety and mission success.  So this all leads to the question….MLM Prelaunch-Is It a Safe Choice for network marketers?

In the world of multilevel marketing the word prelaunch has a very different meaning and in fact it is used to protect the founder(s) of a company only and not the distributors.

There are various business opportunities out on the internet that are in a prelaunch state. “What does prelaunch mean in the arena of online business? In some instances it is a test to see if there is enough interest in what a company is offering in the way of a  product or service. If there is enough of a market the company will proceed to an official launch, if there is not they may elect to close down and move on.

Smart business owners will do the proper logistics to determine if there is a market for the product or service before proceeding to bring distributors online to market their wares. It is never good to join a company in “prelaunch” and find out that all the hard work and effort you put into it has been wasted when the company did not survive the “test of time”’.

If you are going to join a company give it at least two years in operation before you make the decision to join. Ninety percent of the companies do not make it past the first year and that is a fact. The ten percent of companies that survive the first year have a ninety percent failure rate over the next four years.

What does prelaunch mean? There have been a number of companies that used hype during a prelaunch campaign in order to draw a large number of people to join and get your spot. imageIn fact there sometimes is a big hitter enlisted to draw even larger groups into the scheme. The heavy hitter is leveraged into the prelaunch by being placed in the upline, position was reserved just for this purpose. The big hitter did not have to build their downline to make money, be weary of the big hitters involvement and how they state how much money you can make so you had better sign up during the prelaunch and get your spot. It sounds great until the official launch date comes and the company does not launch. You see the owners intention was not to launch the company but to build a data base to sell the list as leads to other companies. The company founder(s) and big hitter made the money and no one else. Those that joined the prelaunch were used and never had a chance to make an income.

I had looked at a prelaunch on the internet just to peak my curiosity. A red flag became apparent when I tried to check out the policies and procedures, and compensation plan. I noticed that many had joined the prelaunch and the contracts were yet to follow as well as the official compensation plan. These two very important documents were not complete and yet people were signing up and committing. Without having these document completed and in force the company can easily write them to benefit the company at the cost of those that joined. They can be written to force the distributors to jump through too many hoops in order to make a check. image The PnP,s may leave the company with the sole discretion of terminating you for any reason leaving you with little or no rights.

Just for your information it is very common for companies that are publicly traded to have large contracts where they can hide gotcha clauses because they may need to steal your check to pay shareholders and overhead. If you have joined a prelaunch without a completed contract you may end up with one like that in the picture. After committing in the prelaunch you may have already accepted the policies and procedures before they were ever completed. I do not know about you but I want to know what I am committing to before I have signed (or clicked the accept button) that way I know what is expected of me, how I am to conduct business as well how hard I need to work (compensation plan) to make a residual income of ten thousand dollars per month and how many customer and active distributors in my downline to do so.


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3 thoughts on “MLM Prelaunch-Is It a Safe Choice for Network Marketers

  1. Hi Darlene,
    hi Dave,

    it always amazes me that people fall prey to pre-launches. Every child should know about their flaws and that the possible profits are by no means related with their huge risks.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


  2. Hey Darlene, Some really storing point’s you made there about people joining new companies. I learnt through the same teachings as you not to join companies less than 2 years old.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome content with everyone Darlene you have always both been awesome mentors and great people to be around online.


  3. Hi Mike, thanks for you comment and your very kind words. We hope that others can learn from this info. Not much sense to join something that doesn’t have much of a chance of being in business next year. I hate starting over and this is the scenario that is set up for someone who joins pre launch after pre launch. Sad but true.

    You are doing awesome work too spreading the word about MLM…keep it up.

    Darlene and Dave

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