Buying MLM Leads IS Hazardous to your online WEALTH

Here you will discover the truth, scary lies and the deception used within the MLM lead industry and what you can do to protect yourself so that you never have buy leads again and your MLM life expectancy will be longer than 45 seconds.

If you are like most people who are reading this article, YOU are most likely spending far too much money purchasing leads or you have spent money in the past on purchasing MLM leads.  It is ALL a waste of your hard earned money that could be a better utilized somewhere else in your business.

In our very first opportunity we were told that we did not have to purchase leads so we joined.  The ink was not dried yet when we went to our welcome page and the very first thing we were told to do was to purchase these highly targeted, surveyed leads and call them. WOW, we were floored, shocked and amazed.

Like most, we had a pretty good system and what we thought was a pretty good opportunity.  Fortunately we just did not have the funds to purchase leads but our upline had gone through well over $800 worth of leads and a few months of cold calling before he ever had anyone interested in his opportunity.  We felt betrayed and lied to by the whole opportunity.  We went searching again and again only to be told the same line, not necessary to purchase leads and then when you join this is the system they are selling you.  The upline is making the money on selling the leads to you.  Be careful.

  • 1. Lead Purchasing Problem Most people who are looking to create additional income from home can not afford to spend $300 per month on leads. This method does not duplicate, and in this industry if it does not duplicate…your dead in the emptypocketswater. Duplication is your downline being able to do exactly what you the sponsor are doing, if that is purchasing leads and your downline can not, then you whole system for duplication is nonexistent.

I hated calling those so called ‘Hot MLM Leads’ and far too many did not know what the heck I was talking about or how to spell MLM. Some even told me they never applied for information about making money at home and wondered where I had gotten their name and contact information. Most people were rude making the phone weigh 500lbs during these calls. Rejection 101

  • 2. Lead Purchasing Problem Did you know if someone does not specifically opt in or request information from you or a site you either own or opt-incontrol, passing unwanted information (unsolicited) IS  illegal. Purchased leads no matter what angle you look at it from is cold calling. Do do this type of marketing you best  have a sales type  personality and love to be the closer.  All the big so called leaders that advocate marketing techniques like this are hard charging, steam rolling-big time closers. They close the deal only in the end to have this poor individual drop out because they can not duplicate this method.  They are constantly rolling over people to get them in, some stay, most quit.
  • 3. Lead Purchasing Problem It is a well known fact that people buy from people that they know, like and trust.

The word ‘buy’ can have different meanings in this industry. Basically, when someone trusts you enough they will take the time to listen to your offer. If your selling your opportunity all the time, then it is very difficult to establish a relationship with someone.

When you purchase leads you are like a lamb lead to the slaughter and at the mercy of how many times the lead has been recycled. In network marketing, ‘recycled” is not a green way to go kind of word. Lead companies do not make money selling leads once.  The lead broker made the break even point the first time he sold the list.  The profits do not begin until the same lead is sold at least twice and again and again. FACT: we know of a couple who used to purchase leads until thy bought their name on two separate lists.  Now if you can not sell yourself on the deal who can you close?

Companies generate leads through product registration. When you purchase a new product, you are requested to register the product or another technique being used all over Facebook recently is Free samples.   After you have  filled out ALL of your contact  spam information, there are always some questions, such as, “Is it OK for us to contact you with special offers and promotions in the future?”   You check the box and instantly you have given them permission. The spam and problems come when your information is sold as a lead…ILLEGAL activity.  The pieces of the puzzle must be coming together for you now?

You have heard and read all the catchy slogans to pull you into purchase leads…real-time, laser targeted, surveyed. Then after a couple of days the lead falls into a variety of different categories. Hot leads, week old leads, less than 10 old leads, 30 day old leads, hot email leads and finally bulk leads. Color it anyway you want…we say name them all “cold calling leads, might eventually get lucky after you totally tick off someone off leads”.

There is a BETTER Way! FREE Leads

Imagine… Never having to purchase a lead from anyone at any time in your business opportunity.  Imagine…People all over the world are raising their hands asking for more information about YOU and what YOU have to offer. Your are having the blast of a lifetime building your business, it is fun and your surrounded by loving people that truly want to help you succeed, in YOUR business.

You received all the training you need and it did not cost you a dime….better yet you are still receiving training and it still does not cost you a dime.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could save people tons of money, years of failure, frustration and you never had to close anyone or ask them to spend a dime.

moz-screenshotYour business is booming and you know it has to do with a very special group of volunteers you found through reading a book. Your success is imminent. You smile and think back when you first read about this free information that changed your life and the lives of thousands…forever.

This my friend is real…This is not a dream or a hype sales pitch.  joining the right team and company can make all the difference.  Contact us if you need help in the Network Marketing Industry.  We look forward to your success.

Do NOT allow purchasing leads to take you out of this business! 

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision


“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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  1. Darlene~
    One of my first free ebooks was “Success in 10 steps”~ a very impressive book! Re-reading this post reminds me of what I learned there! I say keep it up, you’re on to something!

    I look forward to getting to know you and networking with you!

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