MLM LAWSUITS Max and Melaleuca – Part 2

As already stated in Part 1 MLM lawsuits like Max and Melaleuca are a major pain for a distributor and for a company. Max and Melaleuca should know  how to Provide a Successful Network Marketing Atmosphere for Distributors?   But both companies (I must note that they are not the only companies that are in court) gift a lot of money out to other companies that could be going into the compensation plan. Stop taking other companies and your distributors to court …save money.

Lesson 2:

You still think that your MLM company would not take you to court? A Houston man, Anthony Anderson was awarded $5.5 million as a former independent sales agent for Ameriplan in 2005 over a contract dispute.  Anthony  worked for Ameriplan 9 years until he was TERMINATED in 2005. 

From Rod Cook  read his full editorial note 


Ed Note:  Why? The owner of Melaleuca probably got tired of filing lawsuits against his distributors that went to work for another MLM – Network Marketing company.  Of the senior MLM – Network Marketing companies.  it is this editor’s opinion that the owner of Melaleuca has filed more lawsuits against his own MLM distributors than any other company (exception the old Neways under Tom Mower).  We will publish an analysis of lawsuits later when we obtain the case listings (old Neways had 28 pages under Tom Mower).


Watchdog: Editorial analysis is that this action will hurt Melaleuca more than help Melaleuca.  


And yes this article is biased…. I still use Melaleuca toothpaste so I am being nice. No – I haven’t been in Melaleuca since 1988! ~ Rod Cook

It is never in anyone’s best interest to join a company that violates its ownpolicies and procedures. If corporate is allowed to ‘cross-recruit’ distributors in other companies, and disallows you from doing the same, what is up with this philosophy?

Zrii & Body Wise  lawsuits and counter lawsuits 

Two companies MonaVie and Amway filed a joint statement in federal court in Utah;  reported Nov 2, 2010 by the Salt Lake Tribune, claiming they had settled their complaints in the lawsuits that were originally filed in 2008. The legal battles began when Amway claimed MonaVie used false premises to cross recruit  it’s independent distributors. Amway sued many of its ex top-level distributors and MonaVie in March of 2008,announcing the distributors had violated their contracts with Amway.

Network Marketing/MLM is just another way to deliver products and services to you the end consumer. It is just another way of doing business except you get paid for doing what you are already doing…word of mouth advertising.

Just be very cautious of whom you are doing business with.

  There is a laundry list of court battles between other companies bent on crushing each other and a company’s distributors.  Just hope that you will never be on the company’s radar for termination…it is at their sole discretion.


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