MLM Conniving and Manipulation, Don’t be Taken In



I am sure you are very familiar with many of the eye-catching, heart-pumping ads which you see while surfing the net or someone in your social network has introduced you to. These ads scream,  "We Build IT for You!", Make Thousands of Dollars in Six Months, FREE to JOIN, No Investment Required or Earn $5000 in Fifteen Minutes A Day!" These hyped ads are glamorous and irresistible to most people, especially those who are looking for ways to create income from home.

These ads appeal to our need to make a quick buck, simply because we find ourselves in financial situations that we feel overwhelmed by and seek alternative measures to improve things.  We believe everything we see on TV, in newspapers and now-a-days on the internet as Gospel.   Our greed takes over (in most cases unknowingly), rational reflection flies right out the window. As a  result there have been far too many people who were conned and manipulated out of their hard-earned money.  Unfortunately we know some of these people personally. 

The Makeup of Network Marketing Scams

There is a lot of manipulation going on behind the scenes that most network marketers are not aware of.  Gurus that have been called upon to become the “Master Distributor of a company, in some cases have had their position given to them.  They were “bought”. Yes the company “PAID” to have that big Guru be the top dog in their company.  The “Top Dog” has been lured away at a price from another company, in a lot case bringing a huge downline along with them.  Some of these “gurus” have never built a downline in their career as a network marketer.   The majority of people who enter into MLM businesses are green as grass in business affaires. Often, they bumped into it as they answered an ad on the internet, in a newspaper, or on TV.

Most people have an abundance of logic and common sense, but when it comes to making huge amounts of money, most people seem to have lost  their common sense altogether.  After all,  this could be the opportunity to finally become rich.

Fast, simple and easy or even “on autopilot” are the marketing tricks employed by most scams. In their normal jobs people work very hard as a rule, spending  time and energy on what needs to be done. It is sad stat that all this hard work doesn’t get them where they want to be financially.

Now they see an ad that promises everyone that they can make lots of money with a minimal amount of work. They become victim to emotional marketing  and jump for the offer that might be the key to a financially better lifestyle. But in many cases it is the opportunity to empty their pockets.

Being Cautious is The Cardinal Rule In Business!

Warren Buffett, the famous investor, states: "you can’t do good business with bad people." This should be everybody’s golden rule.

If you want to go into business with someone, be absolutely sure you are dealing with a person of integrity. Intelligence and ambition are fine, but more important is a good, moral character. If the last quality is not there, you are asking for  mischief.

People and MLM companies are transparent – it may not be easy to check them out on the internet, but it is possible. Do NOT miss the opportunity to do your due diligence of the company management team and the company.   It could mean the difference between your success or your failure.

To Your Success

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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