Frustrated Network Marketer – 5 Pillars for Your Success

In the eBook “Success in 10 Steps”, written by Michael Dlouhy, he talks about the 5 Pillars for Your Success.   These are the  5 Key Factors you want to see between YOU and the Company you join in order to assure your success.

The first factor (Pillar) is Management experience with Integrity.

Why is this important to your success?

In this case experience means the experience the Management staff have in personally building a down line themselves in a MLM company.  Has the management team actually ever, ever built a downline in any company before…experience.

Large Corporate Managers in your typical brick and mortar, Wall Street Corporate America standard businesses are trained to look strictly at profit margins.  They have to look at what is best for the company’s bottom line and are judged primarily on that performance.  Bring someone in off of Wall Street to run a network marketing company is not good management.  The "Wall Streeter’s" do not understand the hard work distributors put in and make up all kinds of policies and procedures to make it harder for them to make a check. Too many qualifications.

As a distributor you want to look for Management that looks at managing the company with the distributor in mind, experience, someone that has been there and done that in the Field.  A word of caution at this point…not all who have experience in the field will have your best interests at heart.  You can read just how much they have your interests at heart by reading the Policies and Procedures…if you ever see words such as “sole discretion” or “ongoing” to mention a couple of red flags…RUN!  That is looking out for the Company, not you the Distributor.

When managing a successful Network Marketing Company, management has to realize that for the Company to have success, more and more sales, the distributors must be successful. Without successful distributors there are NO sales, NO sales equals NO profits for the company.  The companies success will never come from the amount of prospects sponsored into the company…it is SALES generated!  Products sold!

Network Marketing Management needs to think more long term than conventional Bottom Line Corporate America Companies.    A Corporate manager/CEO who has never built a downline, his/her experience no matter how big a billionaire he/she may be, will not mean success for the Network Marketing company or distributor.  MLM/Networking is a whole new ball game.

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Darlene and Dave Mills
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6 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer – 5 Pillars for Your Success

  1. It really is good for right now finally find a location where a blogger knows really well with reference to his subject.

  2. I Will have to come back again when my course load lets up – even so I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

  3. Awesome Post Darlene, Can you see why the 5 pillars are important to your success! There are so many different opportunities available today so always be sure to do your research and check out the company, their policies and procedures, whether they are a start up company, what type of product they have, what type of compensation plan is available and if they have a proven duplicatable system in place. All of these things are very important if you plan on being successful in this industry.


  4. Thanks Mike…again correct. So important to really check out the company and follow the guidelines set out in the 5 Pillar technology to be certain of signing up with a reputable company…

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