Millionaire Comes Out of Retirement for Start Up

What are the odds of anyone surviving a start-up MLM company?  You have heard all the slogans, “Prelaunch! Secure Your Position!  Ground Floor Opportunity!  Exciting Start-up! This Is The Biggest Opportunity On the Net Today!  Max Millionaire Sold His Telecommunication Devices Business and Has Now Come Out of Retirement For This One!  Get In NOW!”

What a crock of bull the above slogans are.  Before joining any MLM company, whether it be 50 years old or a new baby, start-up and in prelaunch or prelaunch for the third time around; yeah there are companies that never get out of prelaunch, please consider the following:

  • What do the industry standards tell us about the survival of a new MLM company? There have been suggestions that in the first year alone 80% to 90% fail, shut their doors for good. Yes I am playing devils advocate here, do please Google and see what results you find. You will be amazed.
  • Michael Dlouhy, who is the author of Success in 10 Steps says that 90% of all MLM businesses fail in their first year, and 90% of the remaining 10% fail in their second year. Not a good average for the distributor. You put your blood sweat and tears into a company only to have it close it’s doors 6 or 7 months into the deal.  Come on!

The break down of all the statistics; after two years only 1 of every 100 start-up (New and in Prelaunch) MLM companies will survive long enough  to be sending you a pay check to your mailbox. The business has a 1% survival rate.

Most marriages last longer than this before there is a divorce.

Friends of ours, Bob and Anna Bassett explain it like this…

Now picture yourself at the casino, intent on a pleasant evening of playing the slots.  According to a good friend of ours who loves to gamble in Vegas, slot machines can pay out anywhere from 83% to 99% and must be signed as to their payout.

So there you are with your bucket of nickels looking at one machine on your left that reads 83% Payout and one on the right that reads 99% Payout!

Which machine do you choose to play? It’s a no-brainer, right? Unless you believe in choosing by color or by intuition, you would sit down at the machine with the 99% payout. A much better chance of a big jackpot, or more realistically, you get to keep your nickels longer!

Be careful how you choose.  Your choice could bring you success or years of struggle and frustration, jumping from one prelaunch to the next and the next.  It is like some kind of epidemic for some people.  They just can not seem to help themselves from being attracted and attached to start-up companies.  

Would you choose a company with a payout signed at 1% or a company that has been in business  for two, five, seven years and is signed at a payout of 10% up to as much as 50% just like the Vegas slots.  

To me the choice should not be that hard to make. Which company do you choose? 

After two years, a company has a far greater chance of surviving a couple more years, and perhaps many years into the future to take care of you. 

Life is a gamble, but making a decision about which MLM company to join does not have to be.  Think of it like this, you can make a wise investment or you can  loose your shirt as we almost did and our  friends have done, to the tune of $200,000 with maxed out credit cards and a re-mortgaged house to boot.

If you’d like to take the gambling out of choosing the very best MLM company for you, simply get in touch with us and we would be honoured to spend time with you and share some of the things you should be looking for in a company as well as what you should avoid.

To Your Ultimate Success

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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5 thoughts on “Millionaire Comes Out of Retirement for Start Up

  1. Here are the things that you must have to be educated. Company management with experience. Have these people ever built a business before? If not then run. Timing in the company timing in the industry. You want to avoid companies where the momentum occured years ago because then you are wasting your time and money because millionaires have been made ONLY because of timing nothings else. A remarkable product. You want to have a remarkable product that people would buy with no compensation plan attached. You want a compensation plan with least amount of people to make ten thousand dollars per month. A System for the avg part time person because they do not want to start from scratch.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. You must have company management with experience. Have they ever built a downline. If no then RUN.

    Timing In Company and Industry. Has their momentum been years ago. If Yes Then RUN.

    Remarkable Product. Must be bought without compensation plan.

    Compensation Plan: Least Amount Of People To Make Ten Thousand Per Month.

    System: 96% of group will be part time and do not want to start business from scratch.

  3. Hey Darlene and Dave – what an excellent eye opener – I keep marvelling myself how people get so hooked on pre-lanches I guess it does have Vegas quality in the mindset.
    I am with you – much prefer a company which gives solid and long-term success!

    Frieke Karlovits

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