Making Life Altering Decisions Based on Fear of Loss

It seems that whatever rational or logic we  posses  to make decisions goes out the door when we are presented with a network marketing opportunity.  Every decision we make in life is based on emotion. All of them.  Rational (Having reason, or the faculty of reasoning; endowed with fera of loss reason or understanding; sane; sound; intelligent; sensible, wise; discreet and judicious ~ Webster) is used when making decisions so that  we can make informed choices. However, when marketers use  “fear of loss” marketing strategies, that rational becomes rose coloured. When logic distorted, this is how so many fall prey to these scams when we are creating income from home. We have all seen the marketing emails on social networking sites, in forums, that ARE (uninvited) spam, and to our personal email accounts that read like this…

  • You simply cannot afford to miss this
  • JOIN TODAY! Only 4 days left
  • Don’t get left behind. ACT NOW!
  • Last Chance to Lock In
  • Limited Time Offer, Get in NOW!
  • Ground Floor Opportunity, Lock your position TODAY!
  • Hurry!  Only 23 hours remaining

Yes real  businesses, traditional and MLM will run specials occasionally which appeal to our emotions, but they are not greeting you at the doorspecial ready to slam it in your face. The business remains open regardless of the fact that the promotional sale may be over in a few hours. You know these scam programs that pop up every day or worse, the ones that have been around for a while but haven’t changed their advertising or lead capture pages are the scams that we are talking about.

When was the last time that you went into Wal-Mart or McDonalds and were encouraged to “buy today because we are closing up, locking the door and throwing away the key after the next 5 people purchase what they need.”

Now let’s take this one step further. Let’s say you jump on this ‘business opportunity’ in the last 4 days taking one of the last 3 positions. You ACT NOW so that you are not left behind, because you simply do not want to miss this boat. Great! Hoorah! You made it just in the nick of time. You are LOCKED IN!

Looking at this as a critical thinker who is using logic, wouldn’t  the doors close to everyone  after the supposed time frame or number of positions are filled? You shouldn’t be able to offer the opportunity to anyone else. Right?

I am sure you have seen this type of marketing, “Buy now for only $49.95, offer only available for 18 more hours, after this the price will be $349.00.  And yes you know what happens next.  In three day’s time you see the same advertisement still offering you the deal for only $49.95 with only 18 hours remaining. Come on folks, take off those rose coloured glasses and see these opportunities for what they are and what they target.  They are SCAMS and they target YOUR FEAR of LOSS.

signup These are all lies that we fall victim to, because we fear missing out and being left behind. Really now, what business do you know of that only intends to be operational for a short period of time and then intends to slam the door in the 5th persons face who tries to get in the door? Ridiculous and insane.

A  furniture store is running this ad in our local paper.  “Final days of our sale, hurry in while selection is at its best.”  There is a fear of loss created with this ad in a traditional business sense.  I may loss the opportunity to purchase some great furniture, that is my loss; if I am in the market to buy a sofa.  The selection will dwindle as other purchasers buy up the stock.  That is ok, I may be out a sofa but I still have money in my pocket, a roof over my head

act Online opportunities like this “ACT NOW! You simply cannot afford to miss this”, is so very blatantly deceitful because YOU do LOSE…lose your shirt, home financial security and even your mental stability in some cases.  That my friend is LOSS! It is not furniture loss it is your future loss!

We react to FEAR OF LOSS EVERY DAY.  Our minds seem to be programmed to react to this fear.  Programming like this:

  • Sign up for this Class today! – Don’t get left behind.
  • ACT NOW! You simply cannot afford to miss this…. Book, movie, sale
  • Hurry in while selection is at its best! – Only 5 left
  • Some things are difficult to get along without!
  • John Doe,  Last Chance to Lock In ……. your position, spot, vote
  • Special Sale – Only 4 days left
  • Now Hiring – Only 3 positions left

Some people get so wrapped up in the fear that they will lose out, they rationalize (rational-lies) some pretty fuzzy logic…. then what’s worse- they go on to perpetuate the same fear of loss to others.

Before you join and sign on the dotted line for some online income opportunity that has a counter on the page and running a timer on YOUR FUTURE, think about it.

There really is NO timer, no limitations on how many can join and the only plan to shut down is when the well runs dry or the law comes knocking.


To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

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