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Don’t let anyone tell you that it is easy to make money from home. It takes work, and it takes determination, it also takes a bit of due diligence on your behalf to determine if an opportunity is legitimate or a pyramid scheme.  Why risk going to court or worse jail when you do not have to.  Just do some Google searching and dive deep in to opportunities to see how real they are.  For instance; in this article MPB Today, Are Participants Making Income, all one really has to do is search the founder, Gary Calhoun to see  where this recruiting, Wal-Mart incentives opportunity will lead.

If you are a network marketer who happens to be in MPB Today you may want to investigate a bit more to find out if participants do make money from home and how is that money generated.  Is it through sales of products or through recruiting.  Recruiting is NOT Residual Income   Yes we are seeing those who are making money in YouTube videos, thanks you just put your mug shoot up for all to see, but what about the people who are not so enthusiastic about their lack of “income” from this matrix? 

Please visit this article from MyFox @  below and be sure to read the comments posted. I think you will find it very enlightening.

MPB Today founder Gary Calhoun claims free groceries and great income.

What is the track record of Calhoun and what are his real intentions with MPB Today?

Calhoun had two prior companies, both being multi-level marketing.  The Better Business Bureau said that both of Calhoun’s attempts with these companies ended in failure and  ended “dismally”. The BBB has given United Pro Media, one of his mlm companies  an “F” rating and a $240,000 judgment against it. 

I understand that we all fail and I have heard Troy Dooly come to Calhoun’s defense. Most of us fail on an individual basis, not as a group. This kind of failure is dealing with people’s hopes of creating an extra income from home. 

Calhoun suggests that the failure of  United Pro Media was due to poor economic times.

“We bottomed out and weren’t able to pay,” Calhoun said of the judgment.” ~ Gary Calhoun

I believe in being a positive thinking kind of person, so today in the news all you hear is the bad economy.  Whether that is correct or not, if Calhoun suggested United Pro Media failed due to poor economic times then, what does he think will happen today to MPB Today? 

Dr. John Taylor a self proclaimed expert on multi-level marketing company business models claims he has analyzed over 350 companies. MPB Today being one of them.

When asked (not by me) his professional opinion regarding MPB Today he had this to say.

“Oh I wouldn’t advise anybody close to me or that I care about to participate in MPB Today or any program like it,”  ~Taylor

There was a presentation in Houston, Texas that was attended by Shiying Shuang according to the article by Fox News.  She and her boyfriend Roger Bartel attended.  Bartel was thinking  as a critical thinker should before joining any opportunity and asked questions.  To which he says he did not receive any answers from MPB Today.  He wanted some figures to match the presentation.

“It’s a beautiful presentation they have very professionally done and I want to see some numbers,” Bartel said.

You can find out in this video what one critical thinking gentleman, Roger Bartel found out as he did his due diligence regarding MPB Today. (Thanks Roger for this input)

Gary Calhoun also did business as Trim International. On May 28, 2004 there was a Summary Order to Cease and Desist brought by  Pennsylvania Securities Commission against Trim International, Inc. (Trim), Gary Calhoun, President of Trim, of Pensacola, Florida, (Cash) and Kevin Thompson, the administrative and technical contact for the Cash Web Site, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

The  “respondents” Gary Calhoun and Kevin Thompson along with the program’s affiliates were asked to halt any further sales or “solicitation” of Trim International, INC. in the State of Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth.  If they continue to do so they will be in violation of the Pennsylvania Securities Act of 1972. Trim was not a registered securities under Section 201 of the 1972 Act.

imageSouth Eastern Delivery, LLC what is it?  Here is what the BBB has on it.

According to the BBB it too is listed as an MLM. The BBB gives this advice, “We advise checking all reports before doing business with a business.”

In short, my concern is the integrity of this opportunity and the newness of it.  We all know that any business whether MLM or a traditional business that we start will fail in the first year.  Sad fact for sure, but the truth hurts sometimes and we choose to ignore it.  Will MPB Today last? I don’t know, but TIME will tell.  Integrity in MLM is something that not a lot of people seem to be worried about.  I think it is high time that we looked at it closer.  It is your dime being invested in any MLM opp.  So do it wisely.

I invite your help to make the network marketing/MLM industry a more respected, truthful and trustworthy profession.

The road to an awesome improved professional industry is through increased knowledge of what is good and what still needs to be avoided and improved in our industry.

It continues to be our best wishes for your success in this industry which can be achieved through education and sharing expert knowledge of the skills that do work today.

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