We have been asked many times by frustrated network marketers, “Is there an unbiased organization or group who watches MLM/Network Marketing companies to be sure they are legal."  The answer is “Yes”.  A good source that we like to use is “MLMWatchDog”. Rod Cook…he looks out and keeps anyone who is interested in knowing if a company is on the up and up and in the “know”.  So is License Plate Reading, DNA Legit or a Scam?

Now most people think that because it is on the internet and there is a “Sales Page” or a fancy website that it is legitimate.  People, NO, that is not always  the case.  Please read below.

Article from Rod Cook…MLMWatchDog…read here

After reading this article myself, it appears that the scammers are scamming the scammers.  Way to cool if you ask me.


One of Rod Cook’s reporters who just happens to be a NYC police captain had reported that NYC police were capable of plating 90,000 plates a day using the the device.

Imagine!  Join one of these license plate reading scam deals!

Initial investment is only a mere $2,858.73 for a licence plate reader (See below)

I bet you can’t wait to get the equipment to have it installed on your dash board.  Next you wait for the cover of darkness, you dodge around the evening traffic at break neck speeds to capture as many license plates as you can.  It is all about quota.

Submit the data and boom a whooping  $32 billion dollars for a day’s work!

There is no way to pay this money out to those who signed up for Free…were is the money going to come from to pay them.  The Scam has been bankrupted.

The article also mentions another license plate scam that I was invited to join over and over.  But because I educated my self in this industry and can think as a critical thinker, I knew to check into this opportunity.  I know that  if you pay nothing of a dollar amount that you will get nothing for your investment.  Where would the commission come from.  Come on!!  But just look at what is also happening with this newer scam.

From the article by Rod Cook…


The same fellow that wanted to tear the WatchDog apart 14 days ago!

Dean Blechman, the former CEO of Data Network Affiliates (FALL GUY – I called it weeks ago) said that members deserved to know the truth and that he will put it out on a call this week.  In preliminary comments, Blechman described DNA as a company that did not have a clue about what it is doing.  “This is the most bizarre, amateur, unprofessional, and continuation of misinformation and lies,” Blechman said.  What really irked him was the company misspelled his name in an email to members about his departure. DNA waited nearly a week to tell members that Blechman had left. Rod Cook Ed. Note: Now Blechman should hug me!





If you have any doubts about the company you are presently with and are not sure if you may be in a SCAM we would be happy to help you sort that out.  SCAMS lead to jail, even for those who are seemingly innocent by-standers such as affiliates. We can also help you sort through your company’s terms or service or Policies and Procedures to see just how many hoops you may have to jump through to get a commission check. How many GOTCHA clauses are in your contract that would be cause for termination from the company you love so much.

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4 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer – LICENCE PLATE READING…DNA LEGIT OR SCAM?

  1. Hi there!

    What a zoo today has been. I am one of those trying to sort out the truth about DNA (license plate business).

    One of my recruits spent 180.00 to get 4 phones that were supposed to have 10.00 per month service fee. They have not come and looks like Phil Piccolo cannot deliver what he promised. Dean Blechman, George, Phil Piccolo aka Warren Anthony…our heads are spinning trying to figure out if we should go to our back offices and pull the plug.

    I feel sickened trying to figure this out and know what to do. I have an entreprenurial spirit and am always trying to help people save or have a better life. I wish I could find one good company that was completely honest and could make some income with it. I have 69 people in my group with DNA. I “dread” calling some of them and saying, “Better hold off on everything til we are clear about pulling the plug.” The Bible says a divided house will fall.

    Please keep bringing us the truth. In this economy, we just don’t need scammers taking senior citizens (especially)
    to the cleaners. God bless you and I am delighted a friend turned me onto your site today.

    Jennette James Bennett, Atlanta GA metro area

  2. Hi Jennette,

    Thank you so much for your comments. Network marketing can be quit a “zoo”. You mention that you are trying to sort out the truth..did you go to this site (Article from Rod Cook…MLMWatchDog…read here )

    When and if companies are showing up at you may want to do your due diligence and see what all the legal bantering back and forth is all about. Find out who is suing who and why. What companies have terminated their distributors. Yeah companies do that. But not if you find a “5 Pillar” company.

    We learned the hard way, and lost lots of money before we read the ebook I mentioned in this article. It is just that a book. Full of educational material for this industry.

    You can also become a student of the industry, and learn to be a critical thinker. Your pocket book will thank you. Find a mentor to help you sort through this.

    You said, “I wish I could find one good company that was completely honest and could make some income with it.” There are honest companies out mentors that is what we do, we help people find those honest “5 Pillar” companies.

    To Your Success

    Dave and Darlene Mills (thetwodees)
    Mentors with a servant’s heart

  3. It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

    Alex Flouee

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