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Life is a journey of deliberate steps. You put one foot in front of the other to get where warningyou want to go. No surprise, right?  Life is also about choices.  The decisions that we make each day ultimately lead us either in the direction we wish to go or away from that goal.  There are many challenges that can and do get in the way.

As network marketers we are bombarded each day with opportunities to make extra income from home. Decisions and choices that can make you or break you in this industry.  The problem is that the opportunities look really good. Many are.

When looking for an opportunity to join,  do not join because   YOU love the product. Because YOU love the product or service does not mean that everyone will.  Your decision will be much easier if you know and understand the compensation plan of the company/s you are looking at. The fact is that most of us become interested in the MLM to make extra money from home, so it would make sense to know how you will achieve this goal.

In network marketing we should be looking at ways to work smarter not harder.  And remember the product is not what pays you…the compensation plan pays you.

Everyone says that they have the absolute BEST compensation plan in network marketing. I am not sure how they know this if they never look at more than one or two compensation plans. Listening to and reading all the hype about a comp plan does NOT make it the best.

Take a look at the comp plan in this way. You want to be in the best possible position to actually make an income from ANY network marketing opportunity.

Consider this…There are signed and dated commission checks waiting for you the distributor to claim.  The checks are written in the amount of $10,000.00; EACH ONE, residual income month after month.  They are waiting at the top of two staircases.

There is a  50/50 chance that you choose the right path to take.  How fast you get there is up to you.  You see one staircase is 2200 steps while the other is 400 steps. You must choose the staircase to climb to collect the checks. 

Which one do you choose to climb?

Foolish question, right? Obviously you would climb the staircase with 400 steps, as you’d be doing less work for the same MLM reward!

stairsIf your goal is to earn $10000 per month, you have to find a group of people to join you in your business. You can use the same thinking when choosing the very  best MLM compensation plan.  But how big is that group? This is where knowing the answer to the 10k question comes in.

How many people do I need on my team to generate a walkaway residual income of $10000 per month?

Most respectable MLM companies require from 2000 to 4000 people in your downline of active distributors and customers; spending about $150 per month.

The answers we have collected range from as high as 28000 to a low of about 400. That means that if you are working in a company that requires 2800, you are working 7 times harder than you have to in order to achieve your financial goals.

Not only are you working harder to reach the same MLM reward, but it also requires that those who join you are working that much harder than is necessary.  Now to create retention, the comp plan has to be easily worked.  Those who you bring in have to be able to work the plan without working 7 to 49 times harder than is necessary.  So do you really want to continue in the roll of guinea pig when it comes to compensation plans?

Hold on … friends of ours, Bob and Anna Bassett were guinea pigs in a well known company  for  five long frustrating expensive years; only to find out much later that their answer to the 10k question was 10000 active distributors and customers all ordering 100 points (approximately $150.00/month)!  That meant they were working 25 times harder than necessary! No wonder their attrition rate was terrible, people left  before they got started.

The really sad thing is that like most of us they blamed themselves for their failure. When in fact most compensation plans do not reward us for our efforts.  If you want to make it in this industry, it is NOT THE PRODUCT that pays you, it is your compensation plan. So determine which MLM Company is offering the very best compensation plan that will reward you for your efforts.

It would be like climbing a 10000 step staircase when we could have chosen a 400 step staircase. Or like choosing a job at $2 per hour when we could have been doing the same thing at $50 per hour!

Fact, we all need the proper skills to succeed in MLM, but take a moment to calculate and know your 10k answer for your MLM opportunity.  You owe it to yourself and to those you are brining into your business. If you are struggling in your network marketing business, don’t be so quick to blame yourself.  No one would start a job without knowing the salary. No one should join a network marketing company without knowing the answer to the 10k question.

Choice your steps wisely.  If you need any help understanding what your 10k number is then be in touch and we would be honoured to help.

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