Lead Generation Scam-Matt Gagnon Innovator of Lead Generation Faces Civil Penalty

What can we say, we have always been concerned about MLM and Network Marketing Lead Generating systems that gather personal information and then sell this list of information to lead brokers or to their downline.  As networkers we have to have leads, but so many people invest in the leads that only leads to being broke. Learn to generate your own opt in leads, don’t purchase them.  Matt Gagnon, innovator of Lead Generation with his site mazu.com now faces a civil penalty of $100,000.00.



Rod Cook points out just how shady this all can be. You can read his full article below. 



Matt Gagnon was an early innovator in MLM  – Network Marketing lead generation with his website.  The SEC said, Gagnon had billed himself as an Internet business opportunity expert and his website as “the world’s first and largest opportunity review website.”


Matt Gagnon had written short reviews on most MLM-Network imageMarketing companies and there was always a lead capture box that went with the review for lead capture.  I never knew where the MLM leads went to but assumed that he sold the MLM leads from the pages to leaders from the many MLM-Network Marketing companies listed.


Several  years or so ago in addition to the MLM – Network Marketing lead capture pages he announced he had started a Forex trading training program and sold training packages to people looking for an MLM- Network Marketing or business opportunity program that had came to his Mazu.com website!  I think it even had an MLM – Network Marketing component to it.  Some time after that Gagnon went over to the “Dark Side” and was promoting High Yield Investment (HYIP) programs to his list.   The one the case is about, took in over $72 million. The owner of that scam paid Gagnon $3.8 million.


Gagnon also took leads from his MLM – Network Marketing – Biz Opp leads into several other schemes.  The SEC says, “Gagnon began promoting a fraudulent offering of interests in a purported Forex trading venture. Gagnon guaranteed that the venture would generate returns of 2% a month or 30% a year for his investors.”   This scheme that Gagnon did with his MLM – Network Marketing leads was one the he helped set up directly.  Here is the Mazu MLM-Network Marketing lead site today http://www.mazu.com with all but a few of the MLM-Network Marketing sites stripped off.


Editors Note: Gagnon must be a great talker to avoid jail time!








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