Lead Generation-Generate The VERY Best MLM Leads

Are YOU Constantly Searching for The Best MLM Lead?

First mistake is searching for the lead, when we should learn to ATTRACT the best MLM leads.  Overlooking this can cause major frustration when building an MLM business online.

At the same time it is crucial to know where to find your best prospects or leads. They are unknown facesall around us, in the grocery store, at the mall, in the line up for gas.  They are online and offline.  The problem is that we may not have a clear definition or vision of what the BEST MLM Lead looks like.  I believe that when we know what they look like,  we can  attract them to us.

If we have no knowledge of what the best lead looks like we could be in a crowded theatre; be sitting next to a really great lead and not realize it.

Your Best MLM Leads

According to Tom Schreiter EVERYONE is a good MLM lead, even the BEST MLM lead until WE ruin them with what we say and do.   The key is knowing what to say (Magic Sequences of Words), when to say it and then leave the decision up to the lead.  True, not everyone willtargetleads join us in our business opportunity, but we don’t know that until we actually speak to them.

We can not force them to make a decision to join us. We can not force them to make a decision QUICKLY. We can only present the opportunity, that is our job, PERIOD. 

Then if you use Tom’s magic sequences of words you will get into everyone’s subconscious mind where all decisions are made. Again the decision may not be to join you, so move on, don’t set yourself up as a failure because this person said no…to the opportunity (not to you as an individual). Go out there and find the next gem, your next pearl.

It is said that in a bucket of one hundred oysters there will be 5 pearls.  So what are you waiting for…speak to people, you will eventually find the “PEARLS” in every bucket.  Do not stop looking because you may not find your pearl in the first oyster you shuck, the second or the third; keep going through your bucket, they will be there.

However;tomlyd if you must absolutely have a vision of what  the best MLM leads looks like, then review this list. Practice with them and then you will be able to  speak with confidence using Tom’s Magic Sequences of Words to EVERYONE; even those who do not know they are looking for an opportunity.

The Best MLM Leads:

  • those who are already involved in MLM  (this person may be frustrated and looking for another business opportunity)
  • those who are seeking information about the mlm Industry
  • those who have been in the past involved in MLM (again this person may be looking
  • to become involved again)


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  2. Hi Leads, The key is knowing what to say (Magic Sequences of Words), based on Tom Schreiter’s generic training)when to say it and then leave the decision up to the lead. When everyone is a lead until we ruin them with what we say and do, then there is no need to use software or purchase leads. Leads are all around us.

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