Network Marketing – The Key To Success

image I wish I had known then, what I know now.  Does this feel like a thought that you may be having or a saying that comes to mind? You and I are not the first nor will we be the last to have this enter our minds.  We would all like to have that proverbial “Chrystal Ball”, but we do not or at least not yet.

How many times in life have we thought back and said “I would have done that differently if I had seen the outcome first?”.  It is unfortunate but we do not have the luxury of being able to see into the future.

We do not have to be able to see into the future when it comes to joining a Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing company as long as we can get started on the right foot towards success.

My wife and I lost money and time when we first decided to try an online business opportunity; six months and several hundred dollars to be more precise.  From people we have come in contact with, and heard their experiences, we would consider ourselves fortunate that we only lost a little money which we can recover from, however  the time is lost forever.  If we had been in the possession  of the right knowledge we would have been six months closer to our goal of financial freedom.

imageThe closest you can come to having a crystal ball is using the “Five Pillars” as a yardstick to measure any business opportunity you are thinking of joining. They will give you a very good indication of what to expect with the opportunity.

The Five Pillars for Your Success are as follows:

Pillar 1. Company Management Experience With Integrity. Once you have determined who is running the company take the time to Google the names and determine if they have a background in MLM/Network Marketing. Determine how they have this experience, did they build a downline and did they do it with duplication. Was it done by making deals or did they inherit a downline? (Integrity Issue). Integrity is a key issue here so determine if it is solid with those running the company otherwise you may be building a company for their benefit and not yours or your organization.

Pillar 2.  Timing In The Company, Timing In The Industry. Has the company been in business three to five years? The company needs to pass the test of time or you may find you are building a great income and then have the company make changes to the compensation plan to keep more money for themselves to cover overhead leaving you to work harder.  This may happen when the company has miscalculated what they need to financially remain in business. Sometimes the company does not survive, many new companies do not survive the first two years, leaving you to start all over again.  Let the company prove themselves that way you have a good foundation to build upon.  Is the company experiencing an  upward growth curve which makes it easier for you to build or have they levelled off leaving you little room for growth making it harder for you to be successful?

imagePillar 3.   A Remarkable Product. Most MLM companies have great products or they would not be in business.  There needs to be a product the public wants and a great consumable product brings more repeat orders every month.  Having a one time product, because you only need to purchase it once means fewer repeat orders which pushes you to find new customers on an ongoing basis.  Repeat sales brings repeat commissions.  Remarkable products also require a reasonable price otherwise you find yourself trying to justify the price.  We have all heard people say that their product has a special ingredient harvested on the third Tuesday on the month that has a blue moon, underneath a root by trolls.  This is an usual tactic to justify the high price.

Pillar 4.  Compensation Plan. The company needs to have a compensation plan that benefits both the company and the distributor.  The plan needs to be based on selling a product or service and not on the recruitment of others into the business.  The compensation plan should not be asking you to pay the person who sponsored you into the business directly.  That type of business or plan is illegal and will eventually be shut down.  A question that needs to be answered is “How many active distributors and customers do you need in your downline to earn $10,000 per month?”  Before joining any business opportunity insist that you want an answer to this question or if you are in a business already get that answer. The answer will let you know how hard you are going to have to work to realize your dreams.  Not all compensation plans are equal nor designed for you to make money and that is why it is not your fault if you have not arrived where you would have expected to be in your business.  Some will insist that they are making X amount of dollars a month but how much are they spending on leads and various other tools to do so? Do not let yourself be enticed into the deal before you get an answer to the $10,000 question.  Do not let yourself fall for hype and income claims because it is unethical and deceitful.  Those making the claims have an agenda of getting you into their deal and the problem is you may not be able to duplicate them and your chances for success diminishes greatly.

imagePillar 5.   System for Duplication. Without a system for duplication the average network marketer can only sponsor 2.7 people into their business.  Without a proven system for duplication you are doomed for failure.  Some will try to say their system is duplicatable and then they instruct you to make a list of family and friends to contact.  This has been proven not to work and in fact you may find yourself banned from weddings and funerals.  Others will tell you to buy leads and in some instances those that are telling you to buy leads have an interest in the company they recommend you buy from.  Ask yourself these questions “Where did these leads come from?  Was this list created from people who signed up to win a computer, mp3 player or some other product?  In many cases this is exactly what happened and should you decide to contact or email these leads it is considered to be spam when you present them with your product or business opportunity.  If you think about it these leads did not opt in to hear your business or product presentation at all.  You may find your hosting company shutting down your site if you get reported as a spammer.  In my opinion selling leads is illegal but more importantly it does not work.  The only one that benefited from the purchase of leads is the people selling you the leads.  They got your money and you got a list of individuals to call that may not even be interested in an online business opportunity.  Getting a no after no with the hope of eventually getting a yes to your presentation is discouraging and has taken more people out of this industry than any other cause.

imageSince we have been taught the skills needed for network marketing we wish to pass on what we have learned so you can have success also.  “Mentoring For Free” and Michael Dlouhy’s free eBook “Success In 10 Steps had made a huge change in our business.  Do you have a proven duplicatable system?

We may no longer be with Mentoring For Free but we still have the skills we were taught and will gladly pass them along.

I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.
Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

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  1. Hi Darlene,

    it’s really interesting. Once one or even more of the 5 pillars are not in place, you can predict that this company is going to have difficulties sooner or later. Especially pillar nr. 1 reminds me of the saying that fish rottens from its head.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


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