INTEGRITY of the Network Marketing Industry Scam

Integrity is a word that we as network marketers hear all the time.    We hear this statement repeatedly…”My company has integrity.” or my “Management  Team has integrity.” Perhaps you have been asked what the integrity of your company is  by your prospect?  The same old answer is this.  “Oh yes, my company and the management team are excellent.  They sold their Widget company for 300 million dollars and have now come out of retirement to lead our network marketing company; Banana Bonanza Juice. He is a family guy with 3 children and a wife who adores him.”

When building an online home based business, Integrity is a MUST for success.  So just wait right there.  For those who are about to jump on me and say that this is not the only thing required for online success, you are correct, it is not, but it is a MUST!!!

We individually have integrity or we do not.  Network marketing companies  either have it or they don’t.  Integrity defines us as humans and as companies. It tells others a lot about us right up front.    Simply put, integrity is behaving in secret just as you would if the whole world were watching.   Be honest with others and of most importance with yourself; do what we say we are going to do and believe in what we say we believe in.   Integrity means that you adhere to moral conviction, or code of honour, that won’t allow you to do certain things that you feel would corrupt you.

Network Marketing companies, are comprised by it’s very nature of individuals. I am sure that most would agree that not everyone is overflowing with integrity (company  management teams as well).  Sure the network marketing company ad campaigns were meant to portray integrity and probably that is what their true intentions were. However as these companies grow and make money sometimes that causes GREED and EGO to take over management; integrity is forfeited for the almighty dollar.

You just have to listen to the complaints of the distributors or do a little in-depth research on line and you can see how much integrity the leader/s of a company has.  As Dr. Phil says “Past history is a good indicator of  future behaviour.” Once a con-man…well perhaps, just perhaps always a con-man.

Case in point , Alan Kippax and Business In Motion. 

Shyam Sundar, a journalist his whole life, has been waging a battle against pyramid scams and money circulation schemes.  Visit his blog Corporate Frauds Watch.

Mr. Alan Kippax, who induced ‘BIM,’ stole  millions of dollars from thousands of mis-informed Canadian and UK  citizens during  two decades of terror as a con-man.  Network Marketing Leader in disguise. Using correlated cunning techniques of psychological and social   manipulation with the hopes of overwhelming  the members with guilt that would hinder them  from going to the authorities.

Source: Bob and Anna Bassett

Alan Kippax is just one of the  not so shining example of someone who thousands thought was an upstanding citizen, business owner and man of integrity.  There are many more perhaps not as ruthless or narcissistic, but may not be leading and managing the network marketing companies that we are involved in with integrity. How do we know if the company we are with is actually a company of Integrity? Check this out…are the actions of the management apparent or is it all talk and no action. In order to do our due diligence we have to listen to what the management is saying, observe what they are doing and ask questions.  If you can not get answers to your questions and concerns, this should be cause for some concern on your part.

There is a group of  leaders who have become involved with an organization who are working on bring integrity back to the place of most importance in this Network Marketing Industry.

Just as we came to Network Marketing because we understood the effects of leveraging off the efforts of others, so can we use that same concept to bring about this revolution.  It starts with you and I making the commitment to be the example, teaching it to our business partners and expecting it of our leaders.  A ‘leader’ who lacks Integrity will NOT lead for long.

Moral courage and character go hand in hand… a man of real character is consistently courageous, being imbued with a basic integrity and a firm sense of principle. ~ Martha Boaz

To your ultimate success,

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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2 thoughts on “INTEGRITY of the Network Marketing Industry Scam

  1. Brilliant article, Dave and Darlene!

    Alan is presently in jail, headed for Kingston Penitentiary to serve his sentence of three years for dangerous driving causing bodily harm and death.

    It’s a crime and a shame that he was not put away earlier for his pyramid crimes, as that tragedy might have been avoided. Thousands of lives may not have been affected had he been behind bars a few years ago when his criminal activity originally came to light. Millions of dollars would still be where it belongs – in the hands of hard working honest people who did not deserve to be conned by Kippax and his crooked cronies.

    He’ll be loose again in a couple of years. Thanks for keeping this weasel in the news, as we all tend to forget quickly and allow these con games to recur.

    You are doing us all a great service. Thanks for posting this article.

    Bob and Anna Bassett

  2. Thanks Anna and Bob for stopping by. As you are well aware there are far more crooks out there besides Kippax. It is our duty to get this information out. What people do with the information is of course their responsibility. Dirty job but someone has to do it….

    Darlene and Dave

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