I Am a Volunteer-Where Do You Make Your Money

Do you recognize this symbol or flag? Of course you do.  It is a symbol known around the world as the Red Cross.  You have your American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, Newimage Zealand Red Cross, the Australian Red Cross and the list goes on and on. Everyone recognizes the flag, the icon and the vests that the volunteers wear.

The Red Cross is a volunteer organization of people from around the world who give of their time to  aid others who are in turmoil. Either an individual, a community, a town or a city and sometimes a whole country requires the aid and support of the Red Cross as well as many other volunteer organization to lend a helping hand in a time of fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters, even man made disasters.

The brave men and women who volunteer for this organization (and others) all come from various backgrounds and occupations.  You will probably find nurses, doctors, teachers, secretaries, ditch diggers, lawyers, firemen, network marketers, grocery store owners, politicians, salon owners, hair dressers and again the list goes on.

Now imagine this scenario if you will please….

There has been a terrible earthquake in California. So bad that major arteries are inaccessible, the airport has suffered damage as well, bridges are down.  It is just a mess.  Californians are in the middle of a natural disaster.  Volunteers from around the world from the Red Cross and other volunteer organizations immediately respond to their call for aid.

The volunteers hit the ground running.  These people need not only their roadways, bridges and airports repaired, they need shelter, food and clothing.  As a Red Cross volunteer you are passing out  necessities and pointing people in the right direction to receive medical attention, food, water and clothing.

If you were one of the unfortunate individuals who suffered the experience of this disaster  would you ask the volunteer, “Yeah, sure, you volunteer for the Red Cross, so where do you make your money?”

I do not think so.

Do you recognize this symbol?  

Perhaps not, but in the network marketing industry it is becoming very well known around the world. This is the symbol or icon for Mentoring for Free.

Mentoring for Free is a community of volunteers who believe in the value of education, personal development, and in sharing what we know that works to have a successful network marketing home business. Our purpose is to help anyone in any company succeed in Network Marketing by providing education, coaching, mentoring, and support within a mastermind environment. The Go-Giver philosophy is at the heart of what we do every day. We believe in mentoring YOU to success, and when that happens, our future takes care of itself.

Just like those who volunteer in the Red Cross, you will likely find nurses, doctors, teachers, secretaries, ditch diggers, lawyers, firemen, grocery store owners, politicians, salon owners, hair dressers; we all have our own jobs and yes we all have our own network marketing home businesses.  We come from different backgrounds, different countries and different occupations and companies. We make our incomes from our day jobs and/or for those who are now fortunate enough, we make our money from our MLM companies.

There are many MLM companies whose distributors have chosen to volunteer their time with Mentoring for Free.  We are pointers, just like the Red Cross volunteers who point you in the direction you need to go so you can find what you need most… food, clothing, shelter, or medical aid… but in network marketing we point you to what you need like education, skills, mentoring and coaching.

So the next time you see the Mentoring for Free symbol; remember it is just like the Red Cross.  A trusted symbol around the world and you wouldn’t ask a Red Cross volunteer where they make their money.

As Mentors in the MLM industry, we are Empowering people with Hope, Mentor-ship and a WAY to own their lives!

We are just Ordinary People Who Have Found a Way to Create Extraordinary Abundance & Freedom!

If you are struggling and looking for answers, would it be OK if we helped you do the same; at NO cost to you? Only your time and desire to learn is needed. If you are looking for help and you are coachable you will find success by following in the footprints of the most successful leaders ever gathered under one umbrella,  who are volunteering their time and effort to make sure that no one is left to struggle alone.  Just contact us and let us know what we can do to help you.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision


Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

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One thought on “I Am a Volunteer-Where Do You Make Your Money

  1. What a wonderful comparison – you put it down sharp!
    Isn’t it amazing that volunteer work requires a lot of explanation because the masses are so greedy that they cannot imagine volunteer work?
    Great to work with you buddy!

    Frieke4 Karlovits

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