How to Use Free Classified Ads to Generate FREE Traffic

A really great way to generate some free traffic to your website is to us Free Classified Ads. The advantage of using free classified ads is that you have targeted those who are looking for what you are offering, they are  laser targeted potential buyers and not just window shoppers.  Newbie marketers as well as the seasoned MLMers are using Free Classified ads to promote their service, product or business because it is relatively easy to set up an ad.

There are many free sites out there such as Craig’s List and others that offer a membership or subscription that allows you to submit bulk email campaigns and/or solo ads. The majority of the classified sites do make it easy to navigate and offer  fast submissions.  You may have to do some searching to find a site that allows you to post your ad in more than one category and or more than one ad at a time.

You can post a classified ad in your local paper and you can also post on the world wide web, allowing you to market globally.  That is a lot of traffic and potential prospects for your MLM business and products or service. Once you decide on the style and master it you will be able to generate lots of traffic. 

Classified ads allows people to contact you, you have become the hunted, yes you put out a worm on a hook, but they are calling you instead of you calling them or emailing you whatever you have set up for contacting you.  It takes a lot of the pressure off and you can relax and just be you when they contact you, leaning forward for a presentation of your product/service or business opportunity.


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  1. Heool Dave & Darlene,
    This is my first visit here and must complement you …great lookin blog.

    Free is always good when trying to get traffic to our sites.
    I used US free in the past and the response was good…thanks for the reminder…must go back soon.


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