How to Have An Adequate Cutting Edge Philosophy for Success

We all have a philosophy about life and what we expect to accomplish with the life given to us. But most do not know how to have an adequate cutting edge philosophy for success.  Success is in ALL the little things we do each day that adds up over time and will bring about ultimate achievement  in life. There is no need to remain frustrated once you learn to have a success philosophy.

Jeff Olson explains in his book “The Slight Edge”, that we have to have a philosophy and we have to use the Slight Edge; the PHILOSOPHY everyday.  We have to consciously make decisions and choices that will result in being on the upper curve of success or keep us living on the lower curve of success.

What is a PENNY worth to YOU?

Please allow me to retell a story told by Jeff Olson in his book , “The Slight Edge”.

A wealthy man, knowing that he did not have long to live, summoned his twin sons to his bedside. The boys of course were saddened to hear that their father was near death and began to cry. The old man hushed them with only a wave of his hand and calmed their worries.
The elderly father began, “I want to leave you both with a gift,”  His quiet voice went on to utter, “I want you both to enjoy the same happiness I had during my long life here on earth. Which gift you choose is up to you.”

The old man then reached ever so slowly into a beautiful box on his bedside table and held out two gifts. One gift was a thousand $1,000-dollar bills…a million dollars in cash. The other gift was a purse with a single, shiny copper penny.

“You both haveshinypenny the same choice to consider and make–your choice is to take either one million dollars instantly or one penny. If you choose the million, I have left instructions for my aid to deposit it in my bank in town and you can use it however you want. If you choose the penny, I will double the pennies you have every day for the next thirty-one days. Now, go rest and think. Come back tomorrow in the morning and tell me your choices.”

He kissed them both on the cheek and sent them on their way. Late that night the first boy lay in bed thinking, “Why is our father giving us this choice? Which should I take?” For the longest time he was unable to sleep. He thought and thought, however, the more he thought about his father’s choices, the more he was sure of the decision he had made to take the penny and keep it in the purse.

The second son had no trouble to sleep that night and was very confident in his choice of taking the huge stash of thousand dollar bills. He was already making big plans about what he was going to do with the money. Hiring accountants and business people to help him with his investments.

The next day the two boys went to see their father. The first son took the penny, and the second son took the million dollars.

The next day the first boy revisited his ailing father to ask if he could see inside the purse again and see what he was doing with his penny. He came back each day for a few days to see if his father kept his promise of doubling the penny each day.

“On the second day, I had two pennies. On the third day, I had four pennies. On the fourth day, there were eight; just as my father promised”, he said to himself. The second son wasn’t impressed with his brother’s puny results of the doubling penny.  After all, he already had a million dollars and was sure he would  make much more on his investments.

Over the next weeks, the second son visited his brother every day and listened to him describe how his pennies were piling up. On day 5, he had sixteen pennies; on Day 6, thirty-two; by week’s end the boy had 64 cents. And by the end of the second week, he had $81.92. The first son was impressed with his decision.

A few days into the third week, the first son’s pennies had grown to $655.35. But the second son was working hard with all of his employees and advisors on the investments that were starting to take a turn.

On day 28, the first boy’s pennies had passed the million-dollar mark. On day 29, he passed the two-and-a-half-million mark. On day 30, his pennies totalled five million. And on day 31, he had $10,737,418.24.

The boy who chose the penny had discovered the extraordinary power of compound interest–how money, even a very small amount of money–can grow over time.

EVEN a penny is something.

If you are like the majority of Network Marketers, then you are always looking to learn new skills and obtain more knowledge for yourself or to pass along to your team. You are looking to leverage the power of compounding. 

Compounding even works in your day to day  MLM business building activities. The little things you DECIDE to do each day, just like the penny, will add up to huge success over time.  You must learn to make time work for you not against you.  Learn skills that will bring you success and have you working smarter, not harder.

We all do network marketing everyday, we just don’t get paid for it.  Some decide to get paid for it.  There are two types of people in the world, the bosses who are making the big bucks and those employees slaving away to make them rich.

tomlydTo get a handle on this industry and to also find a path to the skills that will lead to success then we recommend reading Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s book, Are You Walking Past a Fortune?   This book alone can change your financial future.


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Dave and Darlene Mills
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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

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