Glen Jensen And AGEL, Not “A Gelling” Combination






CASE NUMBER 100404456 Contracts


        Plaintiff –  AGEL ENTERPRISES LLC

        Plaintiff – MILLER GUYMON

        Defendant – GLEN JENSEN


24 January 2011 Causes of action

A complaint filed in Utah on December 22, 2010 alleges that Glen Jensen, CEO of Agel, violated his Employment Agreement by:

  1. Glen Jensen Sharing confidential  information.. (Disclosing trade secrets)
  2. Glen Jensen Refusing to follow directives by Agel’s Board of Directors. 
  3. Glen Jensen Failing to notify the Board of significant expenditures.   
  4. Glen Jensen Discussing and planning competing opportunities with team members and  Agel employees. 
  5. Glen Jensen Making unauthorized market licensee proposals. 
  6. Glen Jensen Making unauthorized use of company funds.
  • Agel believes that Jensen was sneaking around with other Agel executives and employees to discuss plans of a division within the company for the sole purpose of  competing with Agel. 
  • Agel further believes that Jensen was “recruiting” team members and employees to join him in a new venture.

We have asked the clients that we work with as mentors many times to look deep into the company management team to determine just what the integrity of the leadership is and the company as a whole.

Upon some of my own research I found that while Jensen was CEO of Agel  the following; (taken from the lawsuit) it is “ALLEGED”


Is this the type of leadership you are looking for in the company that you want to join or are involved with already.  This does not appear to be a level playing field to me, not by any stretch of the imagination.  The cards are certainly stacked against you when the CEO is (allegedly) paying more out to friends and family than to you the “unknown” guy on the block.  This falls way short of our 5 Pillar yard stick we use at to determine if a company is a 5 Pillar company. 

For YOU the distributor to have success in any company it has to have all 5 Pillars. What are the 5  Pillars?

  1. Company Management Experience With Integrity.
  2. Timing in the Industry and Timing in the Company.
  3. A Remarkable Product and an Affordable Price.
  4. A Compensation Plan that Pays the Part-time Network Marketer.
  5. A Duplicable System to Build Your Business

Your chances of success are diminished with each missing Pillar.  If a company is missing just ONE Pillar it will be more difficult to achieve the level of success you want.  Perhaps this video will help explain the struggles that will face you when you are not in a 5 Pillar company.  You owe it to your success to determine if you are in a 5 Pillar company.

If you would like to determine if you are in a 5 Pillar company or if the company you are looking at is a 5 Pillar company contact us and we would be honoured to help you.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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