Frustration–How to Build Your MLM Business Effectively

It was only a short four years ago that we were not doing as well as we were told we could do in our network marketing business.  It seemed the pattern we had set for ourselves was to hop from one opportunity to another opportunity hoping to finally find a  “legitimate” opportunity that would take care of us for the rest of our lives.  The only thing we were really successful at was creating frustration. So be a smart business owner and learn how to build your MLM business effectively.

We joined programs that turned out to be illegal and marketing systems that did not work.  We joined affiliate programs that were business building tools, and spent more time marketing the tool than the business.  So again we created more frustration.

Frustration seems to be the one thing that IS duplicatable for everyone.  Everyone experiences frustration and struggling while working on creating an income from home.  It should not have to be this way…and does not have to be this way. 

From experience we can tell you that we joined many SCAMS until we learned to think in a critical manner when looking at opportunities.  The plain truth was we didn’t know what network marketing or MLM really was.  We thought it was about signing up “FOR FREE” to a “program” where we were promised to be making thousands of dollars by the third day.  Unfortunately we were hood-winked.

But what we did do was educate ourselves about what networking really is, and we did that by reading “Are You Walking Past a Fortune” and discovered we were already doing network marketing (word of mouth advertising/promoting and recommending our favourite things, we were just not getting paid for it). 

No wonder there is failure and frustration in the MLM industry…no one knows what it really it.  It is about taking action and apply  what is fact in the industry about the 5 Pillar technology and applying it to measure any company.  

Learn this 5 Pillar skill and then put it into action.

Would it be ok if your were never scammed again? Would you like to learn how to avoid scams, pyramid schemes, Ponzies, Aussie Two-Ups and many other illegal programs and business opportunities DISGUISED as legitimate business opportunities?

If this is not enough reasons to take charge and get your business up and running more effectively, then maybe you don’t want a successful business. If you are not having success than perhaps your business does not measure up to the 5 Pillar technology/standard.

Don’t hold back – be a smart business owner, learn what to avoid and then build your business effectively. 

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