Frustrated–Join For Free Because the Gurus Told You To

You joined the biggest, fastest, latest, greatest, Join now for FREE,  hyped-up pre-launch, ground floor, guaranteed-to-make-you-richer than your wildest imagination opportunity…because the gurus told you to.

Just imagine if you were never scammed again, How would that feel? Do you remember when you decided that you were going to make life different for you and your family. Perhaps you just wanted to feel like you were contributing to the family income and took a look at network marketing.

Does this sound familiar to you:

You spent more money  and maxed out your credit cards and perhaps went further in debt than you intended to to pay for the program upgrades and/or monthly fees.   You put ALL of your efforts into this business and spent days, nights, weeks, months promoting this…”Free to Join”, “get in NOW” program.  And the kicker…you spend even MORE money promoting it because you have to get your deal out there.

You see results wow, awesome…

You built a downline…only most of the members who join for FREE DO NOTHING.  NO MONEY BEING MADE THERE!!!

The story continues… You attempt to log in to your back office and find you are unable to get on.   You see an error page telling you that the page can not be found. Not wanting to givesnip3cashmachine up you make another attempt.  Still no go. The domain doesn’t exist anymore!!!  What happened to the money YOU were promised?   (Reminds me of “The 3 Cash Machine and Adventures 4 U” just to name a couple that I can speak of from experience.)

imageSound familiar?  

What went wrong?

The answer my friend is simple… Hyped up, “Join for FREE”, “get in now”, “pre-launches” are created by the owner to do one simple task.   TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. Once that is accomplished the site is closed down and they are off to scam someone else with another Free to Join, pre-launch, get in now, ground floor opportunity.

Those who joined your business opportunity will no longer accept your phone calls and they ditch your emails. What can you possibly do now? Your credibility is out the window!



Don’t fall for this stuff anymore. You REALLY deserve better.  Build your business once and build it to last…FIRST get educated about this industry.  Learn what to avoid and learn what is a legitimate work at home business opportunity. Become a CRITICAL Thinker.

We are Empowering people with Hope, Mentor-ship and a WAY to own their lives! We are just Ordinary People Who Have Found a Way to Create Extraordinary Abundance & Freedom!

Would it be OK if we helped you do the same?   If you are coachable you will find success by following in the footprints of the most successful leaders who   make sure that no one is left to struggle alone.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker


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