Frustrated-Stop Making Excuses and Take Personal Responsibility

Do you have frustrated, unmotivated, broke and afraid-to-take personal responsibility distributors in your downline who constantly have the excuse that they can not afford to purchase products. Do you and your downline have a plan to invest $25 a Week in Your Home Business? If you find you are frustrated, stop making excuses.  A business will not grow if you are not willing to invest in yourself. In a network marketing opportunity YOU are the center of your business. You have to motivate yourself, discipline yourself and have the spunk to lead your downline.

What do you do when distributors can not afford to purchase products, sales aids, or training materials?

According to Tom Big Al Schreiter you ask questions.

Below is a conversation with an unmotivated, broke, and afraid-to-take personal responsibility downline distributor.

Big Al: ”You should at least invest $100 a month ($25 a week) in your business for products, sales aids, training materials, promotions, etc. Are you willing to do that?”

Distributor: “Nope. Can’t do that. I don’t have any money. Once I pay my bills, there’s nothing left. Can’t I just collect a few bonus checks first, and then build a business?”

Big Al: “Life doesn’t work that way. Let’s look at your present situation. You’ve worked ten years for the same company. You are an adult. And, you’re telling me you haven’t managed to save $100 total in all those years of work? Are you telling me you haven’t had the business skill or ability to save a total of $10 a year? That’s only one week’s work on a paper route.”

Distributor: “Yep. The situation is grim. But, all my money goes to paying bills. If I had a few extra dollars every month, I would invest it in my business, honest!”

Big Al: ”How much do you pay for cable TV?”

Distributor: ”About $80 a month. But, I could never give that up. That’s our only form of entertainment.”

Big Al: ”Do you ever eat out? Or, do you always cook your meals?”

Distributor: ”We eat dinner out about twice a week. I know it’s expensive, but sometimes we’re just so-o-o-o tired when we come home from work. That’s about $60 a week, but we do deserve a break now and then. And yes, I buy lunch two or three times a week too, but I consider it a good break from the boredom of the office.”

Big Al: ”Do you smoke or drink?”

Distributor: ”Cigarettes are $7 a pack, and I smoke a pack a day, but hey, I’m addicted. I can’t do anything about that. You don’t expect me to give up smoking to build a business, do you? And don’t get on me about my drinking. It’s the only way I can unwind after a tough day.”

Big Al: ”I see you have a new smart phone. Could you downgrade to a less expensive plan?”

Distributor: ”My daughter sends out 8,000 necessary texts a week. We need a big plan. Plus I like roaming and surfing the Internet as I commute. Gives me something to do.”

Big Al: ”What about weekends? Are they free? Could you take on a few odd jobs to have a little extra money to build your business?”

Distributor: ”Yeah, I have weekends off, but I have a lot of chores and duties around the house. It’s the only time of the week I can catch up and get a bit of rest, and maybe get in a game of golf.”

Big Al: ”Golf? Do you pay for green fees and clubs and drinks and . . . ?”

Distributor: ”I’m not putting away my golf clubs to build a business. Golf takes only three or four hours of my week anyway.”

Big Al: ”So what plan do you have to free up $25 a week to build your MLM business?”

Distributor: ”That’s what I’m asking you. Tell me what I can do to get my business going. Nothing has worked so far. So what are you going to do about it, Mr. Sponsor?”

Commentary: None needed.

Author: Tom Schreiter


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