Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 7)

This is the last of the six major fears and one that canimage consume your time and resources.  There is an outcome which we must all face and this is “death”. Which, for some, becomes an all consuming fear.  In Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 7) we take a look at this fear and some of the things to look for to determine if this ghost has already taken hold of you.

The beginning of this fear seems to have originated with many of the fanatical religious leaders of the past.  The human race has had the same questions for many many years and those are: “Where did we come from?”,  “Where are we going? (our purpose).  Since these questions came about there have been devious people who have capitalized and offered answers to these question at a price.  Out of these imagecame many faiths who’s answers spoke of heaven for those who followed these so called religious leaders and an eternity of fire and torture for those who refused to follow.

To humans forever is a long time and to have to spend it in pain is the leader in developing the fear of death.  For those who have been consumed by this fear, life has been filled with an all consuming fear of the final outcome that has taken away joy and interest in life.

The fear of death is not as widespread as it once wasimage due to the advances in science and knowledge.  It has no value to worry and fret over death because we cannot change the outcome, it will come to all.  The question is “Why worry over something which we cannot control?”.  It would be much more valuable to use this energy to live life to the fullest.

Napoleon Hill  states: “The basic truth about matter and energy that neither can be created or destroyed but merely transformed and then goes on to state that life is energy if it is anything.  Life cannot be imagedestroyed but transformed and death is transition.  If death is not transition than it is nothing more than eternal peaceful sleep and sleep is nothing to fear.”

Symptom Of The Fear Of Death:

Thinking About Dying:

Using valuable time to worry about death and dying when the time could be spent living life to the fullest.  Often brought on by the lack of goals and a satisfying career.  This fear is more common amongst the aged but sometimes the youthful are struck as well.  The best cure is a burning desire to accomplish goals in life and serving others.  When one is busy, the mind becomes preoccupied with the service in hand and not on death or dying.  The fear of poverty can be intertwined with the fear of death when one begins to worry about loved ones that may be subject to poverty when left behind.

Need help in finding a purpose to dispel the fear of death ghost?  Contact us and we would be honoured to point you in the right direction to self development resources and share what we know helped us move in a positive direction in business as well as life.

Source: “Think And Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill


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