Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 6)

The fifth ghost that haunts many people is theimage “Fear Of Old Age” and for many this ghost is foremost in their mind.  In Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 6) we will look at this ghost and see if we can identify it within our own lives.

How many times have we heard the expression “It’s my birthday today and I just turned 29.” and we are aware that the person making the statement is much older?  For some people it is a way of denying the fact that they are progressing towards the golden years of their lives.  Many women refuse to discuss or even divulge their true age.

The fear of old age also brings about the fear of poverty as many find themselves on fixed incomes, with inflation growing, giving them less spending power and even the ability to meet obligations.  No one wants to be in the state of poverty in their golden age.

imageThe fear of ill health also plays it’s part because we have been conditioned that growing older brings upon bad health issues automatically and this is not always the case but the worry is always there.  Compounding the fear is the fear that one may lose their independence both physically and financially and become a burden upon loved ones.

Symptoms of the Fear Of Old Age:

Personal Attire: Often dressing with the aim of making oneself to appear younger than you really are.  This will usually bring judgement from others.

Apologetic: Telling others you are sorry for getting old when you should be thankful for reaching the age of  understanding and wisdom which are great assets to be passed on.

Tendencies of Age: Slowing down and believing that you are not as good as you used to be.  Mental and spiritual maturity falls between the ages of forty to sixty years of age and this is where many become more productive.

False Belief: Thinking that you are too old to use your imagination, initiative and relying upon yourself thus letting these qualities diminish.

The old age ghost has been programmed into our minds by those who believe that getting old takes away our effectiveness when in fact as we get older we have more life experience to share and knowledge to pass on to others.

Getting older does not have to be a imagefear but rather an enjoyable time in life where we have so much to share with the younger generations.  An interesting fact is that most do not achieve mental maturity until the age of forty, wealth and success for most not until the age of fifty or beyond.  If you struggle with this fear we recommend you read “Think and Grow Rich” and other resources on self development.  Contact us and we would be honoured to recommend some of these resources.

Source: “Think And Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill

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