Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 5)

This next fear “The Fear Of Loss Of Love” brings more pain to the heart than any of the other fears.  In imageFrustrated Networker-Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 5) we will take a look at this fear and it’s implications.

The origin of this fear has grown from the loss of spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend to another person.  This has been going on for centuries so this fear is deep rooted and plays havoc on the mind and body more than any other fear because it deals with matters of the heart.

In todays society this fear has been compounded with the breakup of many relationships where children are involved.  One parent will try to out do the other and try to buy the love of the children with material objects.  This practice has even entered families where fathers and mothers will buy the kids gifts to keep their love.  imageThe exchange of material goods to keep or buy the love of another is very evident but may only be a temporary fix or no fix at all.  Many play this game for the fear of loss of love while others take advantage of others who have the fear.

Symptoms of the fear of loss of love:

Gambling: When someone does not have the financial means to purchase gifts they often may resort to gambling, cheating and even thievery.  Spending more than one has with the false hope that love can be bought.  Self control is lacking, explosive temper, sleeplessness, nervous tendencies and waning persistence will be evident.

Jealousy: Without real evidence one becomes suspicious of friends, family and spouse.  Husband or wife are accused of cheating on the relationship for no reason by the other partner.  Being suspicious of people in general.

Finding Fault: Taking time to find fault with others without the grounds or very little grounds to do so.

We can see this fear today in many people around us imageand we may even exhibit this fear also.  Take the time to be honest with yourself if you are searching the subconscious mind for this ghost.  If you want to go a step further then contact us and we would be honoured to point you in the right direction.

Source: “Think And Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill


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