Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 4)

According to Napoleon Hill this next ghost is very popular amongst large numbers of the population.  So very many fear the ghost of “Ill Health” and the consequences it will present.  In “Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 4)” we will take an in depth look at this ghost.  We will examine our life to see if has taken hold of our us. And determine what prevents us from moving forwardimage in life to the point it becomes an excuse not to even make an effort.

What has been planted into our subconscious mind through the expressions of “without health you have nothing”, or “does anything else matter”? Truly it is merely a way out from taking responsibility for our own well being. 

In many cases it has become an unfounded reality for many people, because they are convinced there is something wrong with them,  they need to be excused for making an effort to better themselves. 

We know this is used as an excuse because we have seen those who have real health issues triumph over obstacles that even the healthy cannot conquer.

The origin of this fear has been propelled through heredity and those around us.  Our fear of ill health becomes more intense as we begin to analyse the possibility of death and what is beyond. 

To many death is a terrifying  experience because of the unknown. The subconscious mind begins to imagine the possibilities making it more real and terrifying even when unfounded.

Symptoms associated with this fear:

Hypochondria:  (medical term for imaginary  disease)  This symptom is self induced by talking about sickness and looking for it’s presents until a breakdown occurs. Cured only by replacing negative thoughts and thinking with positive thoughts and thinking.

Auto-Suggestion:  Planting into the subconscious mind that one is sick by continually dwelling upon the negative thought of disease.

Intemperance:  Instead of finding the cause one resorts to the use of alcohol and narcotics which gives the feeling of relief, only a temporary distraction.

Susceptibility:  Ones fear (negative thoughts) of illness, weakens the immune system opening the body to accepting disease.

Self-Coddling:  Pretending to be sick to avoid work imageand gaining sympathy.  The real reason can be to cover up laziness.

Exercising:  Using the fear as an excuse not to exercise which usually brings about overweight conditions and avoidance of public appearance.

This ghost is very real to some people and can do great amounts of damage to their lives.  When you discover this ghost within it is dispelled with positive thoughts and not worrying of the “What Ifs”.  Because they only lead to intensifying the fear.

If you want to spend time with a mastermind group using positive thought to overcome hurdles in their lives and turning defeat into triumph, I recommend you contact us and we will point you in the right direction so you can begin to walk the path of a better life, relationships and success.

Source: “Think And Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill


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