Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 3)

The third ghost of fear is “The Fear Of Criticism” and is one that can paralyze any human from taking action for fear of what others may think of you.  Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 3) deals with the implications and symptoms that will help you identify what to look for within your subconscious mind to dispel this powerful ghost.

No one can tell when the fear of criticism began, but one thing is very certain and that is that it is very real.  It is no wonder that automobile and clothingimage manufacturers play upon this fear to their advantage.  Styles and designs change often in these two industries for it is a well  known fact that people will buy the newest designs that are out there to avoid  criticism of being out-dated. 

Manufactures play on this fear to sell their goods and services. 

The fear of criticism has been used through out history to  manipulate the behaviour of the masses and  will continue to be used in the future.

Many people are not expressing themselves as   individuals for the fear of what others may think of them. 

The fear of criticism damages self reliance, imagination, initiative and many many other ways. 

One of the most destructive is the criticism a child bears from parent or close relatives used as a form of correction.  A child loses the ability to move successfully ahead in life due this fear and leaves one with negative emotions.

Some of the most successful businesses use imageconstructive teaching rather than criticism to get the best possible results from their employees. 

Those in management who understands this concept are far more effective than those who do not.  Parents would be far more successful with their children if they used this method instead planting the seed of “fear of criticism” into the life of the child.

If you are wondering whether you may harbour this “fear of criticism” ghost, see if you display some of these symptoms:

Extravagance:  Buying bigger and better things so you can keep up with friends and neighbours even though it is beyond your financial ability.

Self Conscious:  When meeting new people do you display nervous tendencies and conversation is uncomfortable? Cannot look into the eyes of those you are conversing with, but tend look around.

Personality:  Tend to avoid issues or meeting them head on and decisions made are easily swayed.  Personal charm is lost and opinions are very broad based.  Without taking the time to examine what others are expressing you tend to agree.

Lack of Poise:  Slouched appearance, and fleeting memory with a general nervousness in the company of others noticed through diminished control of the voice.

Lack of Initiative:  Not willing to grasp an opportunity that leads to advancement.  Opinions not made known, ideas not brought forth due to lack of confidence and evasive answers given to superiors when asked questions to the point of false answers and actions.

Inferiority Complex:  Using words to sound intelligent and impress even though the meaning of the words are not understood.  Expressing ones self approval through speech and deed to cover up the feeling of inferiority.  Mimic others in speech, dress and mannerisms and even brag about events that never happened.  The feeling of superiority sometimes surfaces to cover up the feeling of inferiority.

Lack of Ambition:  When making mistakes you blame others or deny responsibility.  When working on a project there is a tendency to quit when confronted with opposition.  Lazy in mental and physical activities and sometimes too forward in speech and mannerisms and lack self starting.  Flatters others when they are present but back stabs when they are not.  Does not battle for a cause that should be fought for but watches it die and are easily influenced.

This ghost can damage your ability to magneticallyimage attract others to you due to your mistrust of others and after all others will not trust you due to your tendencies and actions.  This is a ghost that must be found and dispelled.

If you are looking for help to dispel this ghost then contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Source:  “Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill


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