Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 2)


Frustrated Networker–Ghosts Are Holding Me Back (Part 2) is a continuation of Part 1 and it’s intended imagepurpose is to bring a self awareness to anyone who aspires to become more in life.  As we delve into the subconscious mind we begin to discover reasons why success has eluded so many and why  circumstances point to a poverty stricken life.

The ghosts that are holding me back are comprised of six basic fears and at the head of the list is the fear of poverty. Fearing poverty is nothing more than a state of mind but at the least it can crush any chance of achievement or success.  Proof of this fear manifested itself in the great depression when the economic climate had changed and this fear spread through out the population and became real.

The fear of poverty is only a state of mind and yet does so much damage.  The faculty of reason is paralyzed, it destroys the faculty of imagination, self reliance is killed, enthusiasm is undermined and eventually wiped out. Initiative is discouraged, uncertainty of purpose begins to grow and one becomes unfocused, procrastination is encouraged,  and having self control becomes impossible. Personality charm is removed, accurate thinking becomes impossible, and this fear becomes the master of persistence. Willpower becomes a fleeting thought, the destroyer of ambition,  the memory becomes fuzzy and every conceivable form  of failure is invited.  The finer emotions of the heart including love are killed off, it will push away friendship andimage disaster is invited regardless of the form.  Insomnia, unhappiness and misery  soon attach themselves.

The fear of poverty is highest on the list due to it’s nature and destructive power and the fact that it is the hardest to overcome.  The beginning of this fear has been traced to the point where people began to prey upon each other financially.  People have a large appetite for money and the things it will provide to the point where those that have not reached  a certain status, with regard to money, are not held in the same esteem as those who do.  Only those who truly have been touched by poverty understand how humiliating it is and have felt it’s pain.  Because we have seen poverty around us it is no wonder there is such a fear of poverty and this fear has gripped the masses.

To discover what fears you possess a self analysis will be necessary.  Many fear self analysis for what they might discover about themselves when the analysis is deep and truthful.  It may be necessary to have someone you trust to answer questions about you where they observe from the outside.  Of course that will depend on how deep you may want to search to see how many ghosts are hiding within your subconscious mind.  Because these ghosts hide within the subconscious mind they may be very difficult to detect or almost impossible so a second opinion may be a wise choice.

The following are symptoms of the fear of poverty so be watching for these during you analysis:

Doubt: covering up of ones shortcomings with excuses or alibis.  Criticizing others who are successful or always apologising for ones own failures.

Indifference: Accepting poverty without the desire to elevate oneself to a better life.  Lazy and a lack of ambition, enthusiasm, imagination and self control.

Indecision: Not making a decision and allowing others to think for you.

Over-Cautious: Always seeing the negative side instead of the positive side of circumstances.  Thinking of all the ways failure will occur instead of the potential success, forgetting those who have succeeded and remembering those who have failed.  Being pessimistic thus causing self failure for the lack of giving a fair chance to the plan.

Worry: Giving thought to those things you cannot alter and forgetting those thing one can do to change their circumstances.  Can be expressed in terms of lack of self reliance, criticism toward others, self conscious, bad posture and nervousness.

Procrastination: Making excuses why the job is not done and putting off making a decision or taking action.  Instead of fighting for what one believes compromise take precedence.

Accepting Poverty: Building relationships with those who accept living a life of lack instead of building relationships with those who aspire to achieve and have more of what life has to offer.

If you have imageaccepted poverty as your lifestyle there is no escape but if you demand more out of life you have an opportunity to climb the ladder of success.  If you have the desire to better your circumstances I would recommend you participate with a mastermind group who aspires to be more and demands more out of life than poverty.

Source: “Think and Grow Rich”   –  Napoleon Hill

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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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